On the employee’s workstation

TimeInformer agents are installed on employee computers – a hidden or detectable operation modes are supported. The agents collect data on the time the PC was turned on and off, downtime duration, duration of activity in programs and on websites. Our unique algorithms are able to detect the time when the employee stopped working at the PC with up to 3 seconds precision.

TimeInformer tracks active applications: If an employee opened a Word document and then went for a cup of coffee right away, the software considers the time as “non work-related”. On the contrary, if an employee is speaking over Skype and is not using the mouse or keyboard, the software considers the time as “work-related”.

On the auditor’s workstation

The time monitoring software analyzes collected data and provides to the auditor a number of reports and notifications that help the auditor make conclusions about the work of a specific employee, departments, or the whole company.

TimeInformer is supplied with 33 out-of-the-box reports and provides possibility to create custom reports and set up alerts about launch of specific programs (for example, alert about the World of Tanks game launched on a PC).