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SearchInform warrants that during 1 calendar year from the date of purchasing, your purchased software TimeInformer (hereinafter — Product) shall perform in conformity with the functional and technical parameters specified in the License Agreement and software documentation provided you adhere to it. Performance with insignificant deviations from what is specified in documentation is not considered a defect.

During this term, warranty service of the Product is provided free of charge in the volume equivalent to the one specified below in relation to technical support.

The warranty obligations shall not be valid, if the Product is not used in conformity to the rules and requirements stipulated in the License Agreement and software documentation, including unauthorized modification of the Product.

Technical Support Provision Terms

Upon expiry of 1 year, technical support is provided on a paid basis by means of acquiring technical support activation codes or based on a concluded service contract.

With respect to users, the Product technical support implies the following:

  • Right to use new Product versions.
  • Technical assistance for the Product.

Addressing the SearchInform experts, specify your company’s name and contact details.

Technical Support department

Contact details:

+7 499 7030457 extension number 152, 133


Addressed issues

  • Product installation assistance.
  • Consultation on program configuration issues.
  • Consultation on operation of the client applications of the Product.
  • Consultation on captured information analysis issues.
  • Providing information on new versions.
  • Consultation on operation of new versions.
  • Tasks assigning and work planning with engineer of technical support department in case of problems with the Product.
  • Assistance in case of problems with the Product.

Please note!

Technical support queries are processed as they arrive and according to the severity of the problem:

  • Urgent problems (the system is down, faults that lead to system inoperability or significant decrease of performance) – 1 working day from the day the query was received. 1 рабочий день со дня получения заявки;
  • Problems related to use of Product Product related вопросы работы с Продуктом – 2 working days from the day of the query receipt.2 рабочих дня со дня получения заявки;
  • Errors detected in the process of Product operation —  within 5 working days from the date of the application receipt. The period of error elimination may be extended upon mutual agreement of the Parties considering the complexity of the problem.

Technical support is provided on business days from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. (GMT+3).

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