Chief Human Resources Officer

A company’s staff is a key factor of its performance. However, if employees’ goals don’t tie into corporate strategic objectives and make a negative impact on the organization this results in business disruptions. In the age of escalated competition for employee talent and increased compliance requirements, it’s highly important to detect destructive employee behavior as well as asses HR risks.

The CHRO performs the leading role in HR risk assessment and prescribes an action plan that will not only help to mitigate threats connected with the human factor but also add value to the business. In order to successfully complete this the CHRO needs to

  • Understand every employee’s core values
  • Assess dark-side personality
  • Foresee human qualities that will emerge under stress
  • Get valuable insight into how people work
  • Design and carry out a talent strategy in light of employees’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluate training and development programs to create corporate risk management culture
  • Recognize HR risks, estimate outcomes, and perform competitive restructuring of departments and teams if necessary

SearchInform employee monitoring software will allow to predict employee behavior, assess and mitigate risks related to the human resources of a company, as well as to conduct investigations when there is no crime evidence.

The SearchInform ProfileCenter identifies an employee from the inside and specifies:

  • Behavior baseline
  • Intelligence structure
  • Basic values, opinions, and inclinations
  • Attitude to the way things are in an organization and true intentions
  • Leadership qualities, team role, and degree of influence over colleagues
  • Motivation markers and fundamental needs
  • Employee loyalty and morale levels

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