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In a business world, compliance is not a choice, but a necessity. Corporate compliance can be challenging due to the fact that the number of standards and regulations companies need to address has been growing steadily. The ability to validate and demonstrate compliance by meeting different standards of business continuity, risk management and cybersecurity has become a competitive advantage.

To ensure compliance, a company needs to do the following:

  • Collect data and conduct an analysis of compliance status
  • Create compliance policies to detect / prevent high-profile incidents
  • Assure that appropriate compliance policies and procedures are met
  • Respond to improper or illegal employee activities, and compliance policies violations
  • Identify problems, and develop new policies to prevent further incidents and address future violations
  • Investigate and act on cases related to compliance
  • Review results and monitor compliance management

Compliance management requires a company to aggregate and streamline regulatory compliance programs in order to reveal existing and emerging risks and also to develop a comprehensive approach to compliance risk assessment.

SearchInform software helps your company to do the following:

  • Ensure that policies and procedures address reporting requirements
  • Satisfy GDPR requirements, as well as PCI DSS, Basel and HIPAA
  • Reduce the likelihood of critical compliance violations
  • Analyze workplace morale and achieve employee loyalty
  • Detect illegal or unethical employee behavior
  • Enable online surveillance to validate suspicions
  • Conduct risk-based compliance monitoring of critical processes
  • Minimize reputational damage and business interruptions
  • Harmonize information around required norms and regulations to initiate changes as needed


SearchInform products facilitate compliance with regulatory rules and legal requirements. They are designed to help specialists handle compliance policies violations and other process deviations, conduct internal investigations, and forecast internal corporate risks. Therefore, a company can satisfy regulations with less effort and in less time.

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