Internal audit officer

In terms of the globalization of business operations and ever-increasing business risks, the role of internal audit is becoming crucially important for a company. Given this fact, internal audits are part of a company's control system, in place to add value and improve an organization's operations.

To keep an internal audit function running at peak performance, a company has to deal with the following:

  • Control of intellectual property and information governed by regulations
  • Detection of risky activities and abnormal employee behavior
  • Provision of proof of controls over regulated information and privileged users
  • Analysis improvement of the level of internal corporate risks
  • Reporting according to regulatory policies to make the review process easier
  • Gap analysis of risk management methodology
  • Provision of best practices in internal investigations and anti-corruption programs

Internal audit activity helps a company accomplish its objectives by offering a systematic, disciplined approach towards evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

SearchInform software helps to investigate cases of employee misconduct, fraud, corruption, intellectual property theft, data leakages, and also keep up with regulatory requirements and respond to legal requests.

SearchInform products empower your company to do the following:

  • Easily manage in-depth investigations and case analysis
  • Understand the links between investigations and incidents
  • Define relationships in the information collected
  • Optimize staff resources exercising control
  • Detect human activity hidden among all data transmission channels
  • Collect, process, and search for human-generated data
  • Discover hidden connections between employees
  • Implement practical solutions to demonstrating GDPR compliance
  • Advance software capabilities assist with conducting detailed audit
  • Collect evidence regarding violations, restore the chain of events and conduct investigations

SearchInform offers an appropriate and sensible course of action to meet internal audit challenges, provide comprehensive reporting, and present the complete landscape of internal corporate risks.

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