Impressive numbers of government data breach

Government appears to be as likely to mishandle data as commercial and industrial organisations. The recent report showed that almost 144,000 Canadians got their personal data misused by federal government for the past two years.

60,000 Canadians’ data was exposed in 2018-2019 by the Canada Revenue Agency which is accountable for more than 3,020 breaches.

10 agencies and departments admitted to detecting leakage – 7,992 modest and severe breaches took place there which compromised confidential details.

Among such data incidents there were those which happened due to inappropriately granted access – employees were given green light although their responsibilities shouldn’t cover working with the information which got affected (11,780 people got their data compromised).

Read more about access rights management here.

24,000 people became the target when about 122 breaches were registered and reported by Health Canada. There was a case when personal details got emailed to a government employee.

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