Baidu has been mined for several months

A senior engineer at Baidu, a Chinese technology product giant specialising in Internet-related services and one of the biggest companies within the industry in the world, found guilty for mining at the workplace.

He misused corporate assets to mine cryptocurrency and made more than $14 000 on the fraudulent activity.

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China remains being the global crypto mining center (mainly due to abundance of cheap electricity), nonetheless the country refused to eradicate currency mining thereby keeping it legal.

The violator appeared to have been mining for 4 months invading and taking possession of about 155 servers.

Not only was the engineer sentenced to serve 3 years in prison and charged RMB 11 000 after the abnormal behavior within the system was detected but also the inquiry addressed to Beijing Naite Technology Co., Ltd. for collection of needed evidence cost Baidu about RMB 27 000.

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