A Case in Point: Set a Search Rule to Catch a Thief

It's time to present a compelling case study that underscores the criticality of maintaining comprehensive visibility into your organization's file system.

One organization had good reason for suspicion of bribery in the procurement department. Privacy is a priority for us, so the scope of the organization’s activities is not disclosed.  It's worth noting that getting bribed doesn't bode well for any business.

Decisive action had to be taken! However, in large organizations it can be very difficult to cope with the huge flow of documents to keep everything in order and identify anomalies. Fortunately, the organization at the center of this tale was diligent in managing its paperwork.  By that time, the company had already been using our FileAuditor for a number of years.

The information security specialist used FileAuditor and set up a search for the query "prices". A review of all documents and the people who had access to them identified a number of suspicious Excel spreadsheets. At first sight, spreadsheets did not differ in any way from the usual documents of this type, but a closer look revealed an additional column in the table with white text. These were purchase prices well below the retail price.

By identifying those who had access to the document, the culprits were found and the situation was resolved. 

Timely detection and decisive action are crucial, ensuring that even within the vast sea of documents, anomalies don't escape scrutiny, ultimately upholding the organization's integrity and security.

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