Attempt to leak the local network topology


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Data encryption as a monitoring technique

The risk management department spotted one of the lawyers copying the document with the schemes of local networks and communication of the company to the personal flash drive.

Since the DLP system automatically encrypted the data which could not be accessed on PCs outside the network, the service continued monitoring in hidden mode. It soon became clear that a new lawyer deliberately wormed his way into the confidence of a system administrator and gradually collected data about the company's local network, storing it on the computer. His interest was unreasonable in terms of his work duties.

Moreover, the information that got into the hands of fraudsters could cripple the system of operational stock accounting. It would have taken many resources to restore it, not to mention the downtime losses. The company did not want to risk, and the suspicious lawyer was suspended from work.

Insiders can be detected before they upload sensitive information to their USB drives. As soon as an employee gets hired the monitoring system controls his or her activity as a team member. Security policies alert to abnormal events and communication concerning restricted topics.


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