Leakage of a company's business plan


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Communication with ex-employees in order to obtain a company's inside information

With the help of the integrated policies the system alerted to a suspicious activity - one of the employees discussed the company's short-term development plans with an unknown user via Skype.

Communicating with former colleagues is not prohibited, but sending any corporate data even if it is just some news about the team or the company might turn into channeling secrets to a competitor organisation an ex-employee could go to.

It was discovered that the account of the unknown interlocutor belonged to the former sales manager of the company who left for a competitor but continued to keep close relations with some colleagues. User relations report showed that the ex-employee communicated with several staff members and tried to learn about corporate news, changes in the company's policy and future development plans. The risk management department stopped this friendly communication and put employees under control including them into a risk group.

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