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A message on Facebook from a competitor's specialist

An employee received a message with an offer to meet and discuss “some common issues”.
The employee was already monitored as he had been put into the "risk group" because of debts, therefore he was under control of the risk management department. He took out a mortgage to buy a flat and a loan for home improvement, and often discussed his financial problems with colleagues and friends on the Internet.

Employees with problems, such as gambling, debts, addictions, extremism, are a potential threat to a company. If someone from outside a corporate network learns about an employee issue he or she can blackmail a person or offer a bribe.

The risk management department suggested monitoring the employee, because the competitor could learn about the situation and use it as a leverage. The observation confirmed the assumption: the competitor promised the employee to repay the loan in exchange for the information about a tender. Due to such a proactive approach, the risk management department managed to prevent the debtor from submitting confidential data.

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