Illegal business arrangements


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Employees can launch their own businesses

Employees can create their own legal entities that will interact with an employer company. For example, fraudsters can use their job positions and promote their own enterprise as a counterparty and at the same time offer disadvantageous terms and conditions of cooperation.

The risk management department found out that one of the employees saved the draft with the corporate charter of another company in the personal mailbox on

Within a few hours it became clear why the company was losing clients regularly at the stage of signing agreements. It appeared that the employees were stealing clients and carying out projects for less money using the resources of the company. Three employees participated in the fraudulent scheme. They used the same mailbox on, and this fact exposed their activity. However, these people did not communicate at work, did not have lunch together and were in different offices.

A monitoring system makes it easy to reveal the correlation between losing clients and corporate data sent to private emails, because it can detect data transferred via popular communication channels. A preconfigured program will alert to fraudulent activity and save your business from resource misuse.

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