Distribution of negative opinion


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Correspondence revealing discontent with management decisions

The system detected the correspondence between colleagues discovering one of the employees being outraged by the incentive system and other aspects of the management approach to employees.

A troublemaker had worked in the company for a long time and gained authority, so many employees would consider his words. As the relationship with the top management was heating up, the employee could hardly restrain his emotions and, eventually, almost openly pitted staff against the top management.

A team performance which runs your main operations can be sabotaged by one disgruntled employee. The power of gossip shouldn't be underestimated by the management.

The investigation showed that the dissatisfaction of the team began to increase. The DLP system discovered the Skype correspondence between displeased employees and messages on social media. As a result, the agitator was fired, and the HR Department worked with the team to restore loyalty to the company.

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