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Looking for vacancies and answering invitations in the workplace

An employee was viewing vacancies on his corporate computer and receiving invitations to job interviews sent by business competitors. A company's risk manager detected the suspicious activity and took the employee under control.

An employee monitoring system informs a specialist responsible for risk mitigation about the topics a user searches on the Internet analysing employee productivity and loyalty to the corporate culture. The monitoring is necessary when staff members are willing to quit and take some data with them.

The anomalous behaviour made the risk officer draw particular attention to the specialist performance. One of those accepted job interview invitations was followed by an immediat copying of sensitive documents. Several thousand files, including documents containing commercial secret data, was downloaded to a flash drive. The DLP system helped the internal risk management team to encrypt all the transferred information making it unreadable outside the corporate perimeter. As soon as the USB storage device was confiscated the employee got deprived of his access rights and fired.

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