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Extremist activity in the team


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Put extremism under control

The department head noticed that an employee’s work had changed for the worse. The employee spends the same amount of time at the computer, but the results are poor. 

The analysis of the employee’s correspondence helped to get to the cause. The employee was discussing “proven faith” and “how rotten modern society has become”. Perhaps, there is nothing criminal, but a special group was created for these talks, and discussions had been going on for a few days already. Radical ideas don’t develop suddenly, they mature gradually. So, the company implemented a special policy to control extremist mood in the team and not to allow these conversations to become something harmful.

An employee can be a source of potential risks and undermine your workflow by getting lured to extremist views or promoting some religious or psychological theories, or even some other product which doesn't represent the scope your business is interested in, but all this can decrease the productivity and concern other staff members.

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