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In the technology era in which employers are looking to squeeze everything out of their employees that they can and optimize business efficiency to the max, a plethora of process optimization industries have sprouted up that offer to facilitate businesses’ success. No employer likes a slovenly employee that spends most of the day sitting around procrastinating with respect to his job responsibilities and chatting on Facebook. Companies need an employee to arrive, get the job done, and be on his way. But does one go about doing that?

Website activity monitoring software

The best way to make sure that the employer is getting what he is paying for and much more is to monitor employee internet usage. Employee internet usage monitoring software is one of the latest technological business efficiency advancements to crop up. With such web usage monitoring software, managers receive alerts when their employees visit prohibited websites, as well as being reported the amount of time that they are spending on them. That’s not all – managers will have the entire recorded session video recorded for them to review. Employees will be kept accountable and in addition employers will be able to give them better pointers on how to do the job more effectively when they are putting in effort. If he so chooses, the boss can control employee internet access, by blocking certain websites, and even control the employee’s screen.

Know websites employee use at work

When businesses track employee internet usage, they are able to very quickly determine who the productive employees are and who among them is not producing. That is the beauty of web activity monitoring – total control and efficiency. It works wonders for businesses. Most people are shocked when they first begin to monitor websites visited by employees and track employee web usage to discover that many of them spend over 70% of their time on websites like Facebook and Instagram. On top of that, web usage monitoring software dramatically reduces the probability of fraud and data loss. When they monitor web activity, companies will know if their employees are sending a lot of emails to their private emails or are engaged in other shady practices. They will have copies of all of their audio conversations, both in text and recorded audio form, if they wish to have them.

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The more that technology advances, the fewer employees that companies will have to pay as a result of the increased efficiency. To monitor staff internet usage, all the company has to do is purchase the software from a developer. When they track web usage, companies get an overall rating of the worker to represent his or her total productivity. There are too many reasons to monitor employee web usage. Many companies do not track their employees at all, yet the fact remains that 42% of companies experience data loss due to insiders every year. It is an imperative that they monitor web browser activity.

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