Employment of friends and relatives


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Favouritism towards friends and families

The Sales Department had not been fulfilling a plan for three months. The reasons were unobvious: it was a business season, and there were no issues with the discipline and skills of the employees, but the number of deals has decreased. 

Soon, the risk management department detected a suspicious message of a lawyer to an unknown addressee on Telegram: “I am ready to provide new clients but we need to reconsider my profit”. As it turned out, the recently employed lawyer was a stepson of the Sales Department Head. When his stepmother used to bring home her corporate laptop, he would download client databases and price lists, and leak information to the competitors receiving remuneration. And the competitors lured clients. 

After that, the company set up a security policy to detect family ties. And the analysis of the data captured earlier helped to find the correspondence of the Sales Department Head. In this correspondence, she and her husband communicated on the topic of the employment of their son.

One of the internal threats which often remain undetected, or are just hard to disclose, is nepotism. Comprehensive monitoring allows your company to avoid favoritism toward friends and families' members which can be detrimental to your corporate culture and lead to deficient assessment of merits.


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