WorkTime Monitor Name Is to Be Changed to TimeInformer

Dear clients and partners, we inform you that from 6 June, 2016 we are changing the name of WorkTime Monitor work time control system to TimeInformer. There are two reasons behind the change. The first one is that WorkTime is the name that a few companies, including foreign ones, already use. The second one is that the new name is more easily perceived and remembered, as well as more precisely reflects the tasks the system preforms. TimeInformer is a reliable tool of employees’ actions control. The system shows what and how employees use their work time, as well as helps to evaluate their work efficiency. The name change was commented by Chairman of the Board of Directors of SearchInform Group of Companies Leo Matveev, Lev-Matveev-150x150 “We don’t want unnecessary and wrong connotations and associations with other products in minds of our potential clients and customers. Last year we introduced our work time control system in the market, and it already has proved itself as a reliable and advanced tool for work time control.” The founder of Searchinform also noted that the work time control system demand was growing steadily, the product was actively developing, and the company planned to introduce it in the foreign markets. We draw the attention of the company’s customers and partners that due to the renaming, after the next update, the product name will be automatically changed. We confirm and guarantee that the change of the name will not affect the obtained rights to use the product – they will remain in full under the terms of the agreement.

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