SearchInform releases FileAuditor


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FileAuditor is a DCAP (data-centric audit and protection) product which allows businesses control files containing critical data, inform companies’ managers about changes made to a file (creating, editing, moving, deleting, etc.) and make shadow copies of recent revisions. The system demonstrates who made these changes and detects access rights violation.

The capabilities of the software are not limited to files only. File folders are subject to the analysis – the solution identifies content and modified access rights. A specialist responsible for risk mitigation will have a grasp on what is going on in a file system. This solves the problem of controlling transfer of confidential information to users who do not have access rights to it.

The company has developed the product which puts in order a file system and focuses your attention on an issue occurring in case a file is accessed by an unauthorised employee, edited and copied, and whether it contains critical information. Confidential data sometimes happens to be accessible to hundreds of people instead of a few who are allowed to use it.

The system detects location of vulnerable data by enabling any of a type of search: by phrases, by regular expressions, by attributes (size, location, etc.). It is possible to create complex queries, for example, search by a piece of text and a file attribute at the same time, as well as by selected directories and computers. SearchInform FileAuditor performs data analysis both on local PCs and on servers, which reduces the cost of purchasing data storage equipment.

“The classic DLP approach when sensitive data is stopped from being sent outside a company’s perimeter is not enough. Today business processes demand that perimeters are set even inside an organisation making access to data limited depending on an employee’s role within a team,” Alexey Parfentiev, senior business analyst at SearchInform comments on the purpose of the solution. “If there is no access control instrument integrated, an employee, who is authorised to work with a document, can easily move it to a public folder. SearchInfrom FileAuditor has been created to prevent your company from self-willed or accidental activities.”