SearchInform FileAuditor's network storage monitoring capabilities enhanced

SearchInform has released the new functionality for DCAP class solution FileAuditor – from now on it enables to control corporate file servers, connected via FTP. File Transfer Protocol is still quite popular among customers and is used for transmitting large troves of data: archives, documents, data bases, drawings, software and other large files. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure appropriate control of transmition of files via FTP. 

In terms of functionality, SearchInform FileAuditor scans resources over FTP protocol just like it scans network folders, in other words, OS of the file server doesn´t matter.  

“FTP servers are widely spread and used in companies for transmition of big files and documents. They are also used for exchange of such data with external recipients. That’s why data, kept on such servers, has to be categorized, classified and protected as well” – told the Leading Analyst at SearchInform Sergio Bertoni.

SearchInform FileAuditor is the DCAP (data-centric audit and protection) class solution for automatized audit of file system, search for access rights violations and tracing of changes done to critical data. FileAuditor solution puts everything in order in file storages, manages access rights and blocks prohibited actions with files in any application.

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