The new functionality for data protection and compliance with regulators’ requirements was added to the SearchInform FileAuditor

From now on the SearchInform FileAuditor provides users with the pre-configured sensitive data classification rules. This eases information security officers’ job duties, such as search for standard documents, including those which fall within the GDPR and other data protection regulations’ requirements.


To start the work process, it is enough to choose the required rule from the list. For convenience, the templates are divided into thematic categories: intellectual property, financial data and payment details, keeping of passwords etc. Groups contain more than 30 categories. The list includes, but isn’t limited to:
•    Personal data
•    Correspondence
•    Agreements
•    Acts
•    Tax documents 
•    Financial documents

The rules can be configured according to your own requirements, complemented with your own samples, or they may be simply activated – the system will immediately start to work automatically. The solution is capable of checking textual information and images (scans and photos of documents). After the checking against the rule is performed, the FileAuditor adds labels to documents. Thanks to labels, it is easy to search for documents in the data array or configure access blockings appropriately to avoid data leak incidents. 

“Programs for file system audit automatize the process of search for confidential documents within the company’s infrastructure. They help to check whether the data is kept appropriately and reveal if unskilled workers have access to such data. Pre-set policies allow to speed the work processes up. From now on there is no need to configure advanced settings to start the work process, as the audit will be activated with a single mouse click according to the pre-configured rules. Thus, information security officers can save time and energy when adopting the solution to real life business tasks. Besides, from now on it is much easier to comply with GDPR and regulators’ requirements in the sphere of personal data protection” –  said Sergio Luis Bertoni, the leading analyst at SearchInform.

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