Access Management to Files in SearchInform FileAuditor was Simplified for Rapid Incident Response

From now on, the DCAP system enables to redistribute access rights in one click and restricts files’ use and transmission.

SearchInform team has implemented more convenient functionality for managing access rights in the FileAuditor DCAP system. This function has made it possible to revoke access rights for all users at once. It is especially helpful when the file is kept inappropriately. Until the Information Security (IS) specialist moves it to a secure storage, the file will be isolated from users: no one will have an opportunity to open, move or copy the document, as well as to make edits to it. Thus, FileAuditor empowers IS professionals to devote sufficient time to incident investigation and elimination of future risks.

The new feature called Become the Exclusive Owner grants access rights to a file only to an IS specialist working with FileAuditor. 

"The FileAuditor already had the functionality for redistribution of access rights, for example, with the help of flexible content blockings. With the help of this function, the IS specialist could block work with a file in any arbitrary application, but could not quickly isolate the file if a violation was detected. From now on it’s possible to do this in one click and for all users at once” – noted Sergio Bertoni, the Leading Analyst at SearchInform.

The feature can be enabled in the context menu when selecting a file. At the same time, other users mustn’t have an opportunity to grant themselves administrator-level rights so that they do not regain access to the selected files.

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