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More than a terabyte of data has been exposed for an unknown period of time


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750 gigabytes of compressed email backups, OneDrive accounts, system passwords, sales, and project details – a terabyte of data got leaked by Attunity, a data management company.
Netflix, TD Bank, and Ford were affected in the breach. Customer information and Attunity’s operations details were breached.

The total number of records leaked is unknown, and might exceed the extent which has been already captured by researchers who discovered Amazon S3 buckets open to the public.

It is yet to reveal for how long client details, system credentials, organization’s digital assets, private keys, social security numbers, employee data have been exposed and freely accessed.

High-profile cloud server breaches are perturbing but clouds require fewer investments than on-premises solutions which generate maintenance costs. Data transit outside your company's perimeter can be safer if certain measures are taken.

According to the recent statistics, organisations keep relocating their data to storage services.

84% of respondents claim that they are confident about their cloud security level. Cybersecurity Insiders state that 54% of surveyed companies consider cloud storages more vulnerable than on-premises servers and environments. The figures have increased from 49% this year – notorious cloud breaches which occurred in 2018 might account for the result.

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