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Personal data of Hong Kong police officers has been leaked


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The leakage of personal data belonging to police officers of Hong Kong can be a reaction to the questionable actions taken against the recent protests regarding an extradition bill.

Eight people have been arrested for exposing officers’ personal data online. It has been reported by Hong Kong police that names, ID card numbers and dates of birth of their family members were compromised.

78% say their commitment to the company declined due to the toxic behavior, 61% of IT specialists claim they would hide the details of a data breach if no penalties would follow, and for almost $1000 25% of employees would leak company’s sensitive information – companies’ wellbeing faces even more precarious circumstances due to internal threats than often preventable hack attacks. Some breaches start inside an organisation.

The investigation is on, and some more details can be yet discovered. Numerous officers have their data breached, and more than hundreds of complaints have been addressed to the Privacy Commissioner.

The hack has failed – the website attack attempt was detected by specialists during investigation process, that is why it has been concluded that the confidential information had been procured by some other “unlawful means”.

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