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160,000 CVs leaked to Taobao by Zhaoping ex-employees


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The case of breaching 160,000 CVs in June 2018 has been brought to trial this week. Two former Zhaoping employees can be sentenced for illegal operations with personal data.

About 160,000 CVs were copied from Zhaoping – China’s most popular recruitment platform – for further selling on the e-commerce platform Taobao. One of the suspects forged a business license and accessed the platform.

The CVs comprising all the education details and work experience alongside contact numbers and addresses were discovered on Taobao a year ago when the investigation was launched.

In 2016 there was already a case involving a leakage of CVs. An employee working at that time at Zhaoping took dozens of thousands of CVs to sell them online, and got sentenced to 3,5 years.

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