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Deutsche Bank former employee sent 450 emails from his account


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Deutsche Bank has been seeking investors’ attention and ensuring that the restructuring process was going to be performed meeting all the requirements.

But the deficient security measures, due to which former employees of the German bank still had access to the corporate email and could use that for their benefit, alongside appearing in news with money laundering as well as inferior financial and share price performance aggravated the situation.

About 50 former employees could still access their email after being dismissed several weeks ago. According to the Financial Times one Deutsche Bank trader has already sent almost half a thousand emails although he quit the company some time ago.

The global equities branch has been closed down by the bank and a number of staffer were fired, whereas their accounts kept being active.

Managing employee access rights and tracking authorisation helps your business mitigate risks regarding former employees and prevent unsanctioned usage of confidential data.
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