MoviePass cardholders' data was affected


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Millions of records containing personal information of MoviePass customers got compromised. The unencrypted database which comprises 161 million records revealed the clients’ personal details – thousands of card numbers were breached.

Among the numbers were those on the custom debit cards issued for MoviePass payments, but there were also credit cards, expiry dates and billing addresses in full view.

The ongoing check of your storages and processes prevents flaws and omissions within a system. A properly configured system helps internal auditors identify risky locations and assess the level of their safety.

The company didn’t respond to a researcher’s notification made in July regarding the breach. There are also some traces of the database indicating that it could be exposed in May.

On Wednesday the company removed the database, and the spokesperson admitted that the incident took place and the investigation was launched to make sure that the subscribers’ data wasn’t misused.

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