A Ukrainian crypto miner is to pay for his activity


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A power plant worker will have to “reimburse” electricity, after his equipment for cryptocurrency mining gets discovered.

Gold digging was unfolded at the Ukrainian nuclear power plant facilities by an employee. The operation was revealed by SBU, Ukraine's internal security service. The special mining gear got detected during the search of the station.

The 2,850 megawatt plant’s processes could be hampered due to the amount of servers’ power which is required to procure digital money. It has also been noted that the details of security arrangements could have been breached. Although the representatives of the plant stated that the confiscated equipment had no connection to the local computer network, so the confidential data couldn’t be leaked.

The violator will be asked to return the damage his operation inflicted on electricity generation.

Hardware and software within a corporate perimeter require ongoing monitoring which would alert to any alterations or suspicious activities on computers as well as report abnormal events to prevent sabotage, fraud or asset misuse.
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