All Ecuador citizens were affected by a recent data breach


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More than 16 million people in Ecuador, i.e. each and every Ecuadorean, including 6.7 million children, got their data exposed in an online leak.

There are names, financial details, family, education and work records, marriage information, government ID numbers, and phone numbers among the breached data.

Shortly after the incident was revealed, the emergency security specialists forbade the access to the data which was stored unsecured in an Amazon cloud and appeared to be open to public.

This leak was preceded by the incident in Chile – 80% of the population had their voters’ records compromised in August.

An organisation has to guarantee that policies are complied with and the human error is minimised. Auditing data residing within a corporate perimeter as well as in external storages is required as leakages due to misconfiguration can occur.


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