92 million Brazilians’ data leaked


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Almost half of Brazil population got their personal data breached to a few members-only forums on the dark web.

92 million Brazilians’ details stored in the 16GB SQL database included names, gender, birth dates, taxpayer IDs.

Also the seller of the data has a search instrument which comes in a bundle. The instrument facilitates gathering of the citizens’ records taking into account that the little is known about some individual: enter a name and taxpayer ID, for example, and you will obtain such data as a driver’s license or ID card.

The local law LGDP (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados or Brazilian General Data Protection [Act]), homologous with the EU GDPR, would be in charge of the incident, but the regulator will come into effect only on August 15, 2020.

Regulatory compliance is a relevant issue for many companies, not just those which data was breached. To make sure that all the policies and protection mechanisms are in line with the recent requirements and are updated, a comprehensive approach should be considered.