Defense Intelligence Agency's insider faces a prison sentence


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The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency brings to justice their offender who leaked classified information to journalists.

The data was breached in 2018 and 2019, and the incident comprises several issues at once: personal reasons, third party, insider threat, breach to reporters.

A counterterrorism analyst, guilty of leaking sensitive data, began his work at the agency as a contractor in 2017.

He got a top secret clearance at the Defense Intelligence Agency turning a full-time staffer.

Allegedly, one of the journalists was personally involved with the DIA employee.

The reports taken by the violator were processed by the journalist while writing the compromising articles the link to which would later be retweeted by the agency worker.

He accessed documents unrelated to his professional tasks. There was also data about another country’s weapons systems taken and exposed.

It was revealed that the employee and the journalist were communicating via Twitter as the messages concerning the deal were discovered.

If he is charged for willful sharing of national defense information he will serve up to 10 years of sentence.

Messages via IM, and social networks, emails are the channels which require monitoring when it comes to confidential data, especially in case it concerns clients’ personal information, trade secrets or top secret government documents.