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WeWork employees leaked clients' contracts


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WeWork, American real estate company supplying businesses with shared workspace, is facing a personal data breach.

Employees of the company have posted a number of clients’ contracts exposing names, phone numbers, addresses and bank details on GitHub. The data of such cybersecurity companies as Palo Alto Networks got compromised.

There was also a publicly accessible website in India where the information about people willing to sign an agreement with WeWork.

It was also reported that the company is going to lay off almost 20% of its staff. 2,400 from 12,500 employees will be affected by redundancy. WeWork point out the need to “create a more efficient organisation” and focus on shared offices.

According to The New York Times, the company can cut up to 4,000 jobs within its core business.

The decision was taken after weeks of looking for financial sources as the company’s investors backed away, and WeWork secured a bailout deal with SoftBank which brought major changes in CEO roles.

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