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Ex-employee takes data to a new job


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A former employee kept the trade secret on his computer which he used at his new workplace. The confidential information was downloaded breaching the security policy as the SoftBank ex-employee wasn’t supposed to take it. The investigation revealed that the violator accessed the sensitive documents dozens of times taking 170 files belonging to SoftBank in 2019.

The stolen data regards 5G and was discovered on the computer he worked on at Rakuten Mobile Inc. The data got breached right before the employee quit the company.

The investigation is now focused on whether the stolen documents got used at the new workplace.

The leaked information was transferred within an email he sent to himself. The details contained the knowledge on how to build wireless base stations. The know-how would be applied in violation of the unfair competition prevention act.

The Canadian organisation Aurora Cannabis got affected by a personal data breach. Unauthorised parties gained access to the information stored in SharePoint and OneDrive. In the beginning of 2020 hundreds of employees were dismissed, one of those who appeared to be impacted was among the laid off workers. All the individuals whose data was leaked were informed almost a year later – on the 31th of December.

The breached data comprised such details as addresses, government identity, banking information including credit card details. It was also reported that the company’s breach considered both current and former employees.

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