The infamous data leak of Chinese citizens’ personal data


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In the beginning of July it was reported that a tremendous data leak occured. It contained approximately 1 billion strings with personal data of Chinese residents. According to hackers’ statement, they managed to steal more than 23 terabyte of data, including names, addresses, place of birth, ID numbers, phone numbers and detailed criminal case information. The data was uploaded on darknet.  This data leak turned out to be both the biggest data leak in the history of the country and one of the biggest globally. Currently, it’s believed, that the data breach originated from the misconfigured Alibaba cloud server. 

The problem of database misconfiguration remains one of the most dangerous.  News on data leak incidents, caused by this particular issue are published regularly.  What's more, there is a step  change taking place in the amount of cloud databases. Both large and small enterprises and organizations continue to implement cloud storages in their corporate infrastructure. It  seems, that in the nearest future the database misconfiguration problem won't become less actual.  Thus, it’s crucial to understand the existing and ongoing risks and to be able to respond adequately. In order to learn more  about the risks, posed by cloud services and to obtain useful advice you may refer to a white paper, published on our web-site.

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