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Integration, service and support at every stage

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The companies which don’t have an allocated risk management department

The companies which don’t have resources for independent integration and servicing data security systems

The companies which want to increase their security level significantly and quickly


SearchInform specialists assume full responsibility for:


Integration engineers perform technical audit of a client’s IT infrastructure. They deploy the Risk Monitor solution at a client’s facilities. The equipment needed for the system operation is available upon request within the services rendered.


Implementation engineers tailor the system to the requirements of a client. They adjust security policies and refine employee monitoring process in accordance with the scope of a customer.


An investigator, responsible for risk mitigation, monitors a company’s network activity remotely with the help of the software, and informs the management of incidents.


An investigator sends incident reports to a customer, conducts investigation process. A specialist makes sure Risk Monitor functions properly: gets updated, resolves technical issues contacting the support center.


The key advantage of outsourcing is that you get the Risk Monitor system together with a risk management expert who has vast experience in the field.

A specialist begins to work straight after deployment. No need to take an employee fully onboard, to train, to provide vacation or sick leave.


How do you work with a remote employee?

An investigator configures the system in accordance with the objectives. A professional supplies a client with incident reports within a specified period of time (once a day, once a week, once a month).

A client can work with Risk Monitor unimpededly whether a remote specialist is off- or online. A client is given maximum authority in the system.

A specialist contacts a client immediately as a violation gets detected (the means of communication is selected beforehand).

A customer can assign specific tasks to a security specialist.

Risk Management outsourcing services based on Risk Monitor