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all-round supervision

Instruments intercepting an issue encompass thorough control of a workflow, detection of weak spots within a company and discovery of potential risks, supply you with all the needed details to patch up your system and allow you to take measures to prevent your business from same scenarios happening in the future.

We accompany your organisation and become a security backbone for your professional strides in the industry.

Our well-directed surveillance and a take-charge approach let you know about a potential threat giving you all the puzzle pieces for further risk management.


Revealing employee disloyalty

Revealing employee disloyalty, detection of staff members who think of quitting, moving to competitors or become a competitor. Identification of individuals disseminating negative feedback about the company and monitoring the atmosphere within a team in dynamics.

Risk group shaping

Identifying employees with problems, such as substance addiction, gambling, debts, and creating risk groups to configure monitoring process. Spot employees with extreme political views, of blackmailing easy targets.

Behavioral risk management

Alerting to abnormal behavior events within a corporate network (changes in policies, hardware replacement, activity not related to job tasks). UEBA reveals such issues as nepotism, harassment, ill-tempered behavior, employee unwillingness to cooperate. Providing you with a graph of employees’ contacts, tracking discussions about the workflow including process failures or downtimes.

No need to create an in-house SOC, assign your specialists to supervise monitoring processes and provide them with constant training, or hire extra staff to control the accuracy and safety of the workflow.

Our team detects abnormal events identifying those who violate the policies and reporting their activity. The incident overview is supplied with a commentary indicating the reason and the purpose. Each alert is followed by the link which leads to the affected information.


We ensure that professional assistance is maintained while compliance with data protection regulators is guaranteed.

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Insider activity detection

Disclosure of bribery, accepting kickbacks, granting access to an unauthorised third party.

Company assets theft

Detection of personal data and confidential information leak attempts, recognising fraudulent schemes, including sabotage, for the purpose of getting financial benefit.


Malicious data breach

Encryption of data sent to print or uploaded to a flash drive. Noticing commercial secrets and Intellectual Property misuse attempts, registering databases transfer and operations with information about distributors/clients. Revealing willingness to publishing confidential data that can damage reputation and make the company penalised. Capture of malicious promptitude – removing of information from corporate network resources to disrupt business processes.

Accidental data breach

Detection of distributing internal corporate data among unauthorised employees whether it is on purpose, or due to negligence or nonchalance. Discovery of corporate documentation uploaded to cloud storages.


Ongoing control

Video recording of employee activity at the computer, PC monitor activity recording (running and active websites/applications), including remote employee activity, audio recording or employee conversations.

Retrospective investigation

Ensuring prompt and accurate collection of archived details from different sources.



Identification of employees who spend time irrationally at work, provision of information about efficient and inefficient employees. Reporting time and quality of tasks and projects implementation.



Statutory and regulatory compliance

Detecting non-compliance, capturing breaches in conformity to recent regulations and legal updates, and indicating where corporate rules don’t correspond to regulators’ requirements.

Internal company policies

Detection of and alerting to policies violations, making sensitive data storage and usage transparent for a supervisor. Providing you with more than 200 preset policies which can be reconfigured in accordance with your company standards.


Alerting to unauthorised installation and uninstallation. Conducting hardware audit. Get the detailed information about software installed on corporate PCs.


Automated profiling collects information automatically and classifies personality traits based on the analysis of correspondence. Identifies changes in communication style and monitors personality in dynamics. The technology collects information for performing an unbiased and impartial employee assessment, and foreknow risks caused by the human factor.

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