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SearchInform offers the solution for MSSP. The company’s partners will deliver the comprehensive internal threat mitigation product to its clients ensuring solid protection from incidents caused by human factor. SearchInform combines the technology, techniques, experts’ skills and experience to market its MSSP solution and bring to the customers services which allow them to launch safe workflow management fast and cost-effectively.

why should you choose searchinform mssp?


SearchInform MSSP is created for businesses which don’t have their own resources, hardware or specialists to establish an ongoing all-encompassing insider threat mitigation program. MSSP will get the company’s expertise including proficiency in audit and assessment, data loss prevention, data classification, regulatory compliance and risk management.

Managed Security Service Providers will supply the businesses with customisable services and a number of the solution deployment options – on the customer’s server or in the cloud.

The company facilitates trust and long-lasting cooperation between a customer and an MSSP as clients receive services tailored to their specific needs and continued support.



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  • Corporate fraud detection
  • Access rights audit and data classification
  • Database activity monitoring
  • Software and hardware monitoring
  • Incidents investigation
  • Ensuring safe remote work
  • UEBA and control of suspicious behavior
  • Compliance
  • Operational management
  • Risk assessment and prevention
  • Employee performance monitoring
  • Automated personal profiling

An organisation’s integrity can be impacted by deliberate or unintentional user activities which compromise corporate assets. Providing continuous control and data protection can be implemented quick and with minimum expenses which is attainable once a company opts for SearchInform MSSP.

Deploying the solution on-premises or choosing the cloud-based model businesses open up the complete range of instruments for insider threat
mitigation and cover the variety of issues offering versatile technology.



Data loss prevention (DLP)

Scanning of data stored on endpoints, protection of data transfer via various communication channels: cloud, email, web, messengers, sending documents to printers or external storages

User and entity behavior analysis (UEBA)

Prevention of incidents caused by human factor whether user activity is malicious or unintentional

Employee monitoring

Time-tracking, productivity and performance appropriacy monitoring, analysis of user correspondence via corporate communication channels

Database activity monitoring (DAM)

Automated monitoring and audit of operations on databases

Data-centric audit and protection (DCAP)

Automated file system audit, search for access violations and monitoring changes in critical data

Forensics and investigation

Ongoing and retrospective investigation, access to the archives of data stored prior to the solution deployment

Hardware and software inventory

Alerting to installation or deletion attempts, changes made to settings

Regulatory Compliance

CI DSS, Basel, HIPAA and full GDPR compliance support

Learn more about monitoring services implementation, deployment in the cloud and the in-depth training program provided by SearchInform specialists

Cloud data protection: new age solution

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SearchInform solution supplies MSSP with 300+ preset policies and 100+ customisable reports.
Technical support is available 24/7.

  • Training programSearchInform provides partners with an elaborate training program sharing the knowledge required to deploy the solutions, establish a successful cooperation between a specialist and a customer, and explain the subtleties of analysis.
  • Deployment and administrationThe company will educate MSSPs on how to deploy and administer the solution, neutralise problems which might follow its launch, process data and configure interaction of the components.
  • Quick launch and integrationInstallation and launch takes few hours, and the instruments are ready to use. Preset configurations start to work right after scanning the current status and activities on your corporate endpoints. The implemented solution launches data classification and establishes categorisation rules.