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Data security and data encryption in business


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Encryption and Decryption in Network Security

Encryption involves a plain text being coded into “encrypted” form using a cipher text and then being “decrypted” with a cipher text by the recipient on the other end. As a rule, encrypted data are processed via an advanced mathematical algorithm with a key that must be acquired in order to access the data contained on the digital medium. Encryption algorithms in network security come with a key that serves as the doorway for all information to be accessed on the medium, drive, disc, or storage structure.

There are two types of encryption: symmetric (or secret key encryption) and asymmetric (or public key encryption). Asymmetric encryption requires two keys – one private key and one public key – rendering it slower to process data access. On the other hand, despite that it protects the majority of data on the Internet, the downside of symmetric encryption is that it requires both parties to have the key in order to decrypt the medium. For the most part, asymmetric encryption is used in ordinary communication channels, particularly via the Internet as well. There are many encryption algorithms used to make messages unavailable to criminals – one such algorithm which is very popular is Advanced Encryption Standard.

Software Solutions

For greater security, there are specially developed data encryption software providers with their own algorithms designed to protect your information and assets based on their best stab to take advantage of how encryption software works. In the past, data security was not as much of an issue with the firewall; however, as of late, due to its flexibility and convenience, companies have begun to store their information on clouds, including copies of their most essential files. This has rendered them vulnerable to data loss, rendering cloud encryption an imperative.


Microsoft Office

Be sure that you encrypt your most important files on your computer. On Microsoft Office, there are some issues with data security that render data less secure than on Apple computers. For instance, data must be encrypted manually, ideally an entire drive, and passwords to access files do not offer sufficient protection. Also, users at times encounter the “encrypt contents to secure data greyed out” problem. That issue has to do with the file’s registry values. You will be able to encrypt contents to secure data after you reset them.

Data at Rest vs. Data in Transit

Many people seem to believe that encryption of data in transit should be their first concern since it is always moving around; however, considering that it is the most valuable information, it is data at rest encryption that should be taken care of first and foremost. After all, that’s what cyber criminals are mostly after. They go where the money is – social security numbers, credit card information, company secrets, financial information, etc. Furthermore, they are well aware that data at rest are often not protected at all and thus prefer to take the path of less resistance anyway.

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