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While all the hype about unknown threats breaching a company’s privacy, stealing its confidential information and company secrets, purposefully inflicting damage to its public image, and robbing it of its funds is worth keeping in mind to protect against, the losses that would result from that actually occurring are not as great as most people believe. In the movies, people are used to seeing hackers break into the mainframe of an organization and rob it of millions of dollars and confidential documents. While this has become a more likely event than before with the advent of the cloud’s popularity (since Windows came out with its Firewall, it was extremely difficult for criminals to break through it), the truth is that the greater threat to companies comes from the people who already have access to the system – the very people sitting next to them at the office.

Indeed, company employees very commonly commit crime against the companies they work for, whether it be out of greed, spite, desperation, negligence, or for some other reason. Specialized companies are dedicated to constantly collecting data on where the most recent types of threats are coming from and distinguish patterns among them which can help detect future potential threats for their clients. This has given rise to the booming industry of insider threat detection tools.


Some such tools include control over social networks and messengers. They entail a means to monitor word processors, IP telephony, Internet activity (including the exact amount of time spent on websites employees visit), and emails, providing recordings of computer sessions, telephone calls, copies of e-mails along with their attachments. Such tools will send alerts in the case that unsanctioned transfer of data is attempted, and such messages will be blocked before they are able to be successfully sent. Information search modules allow you to search audio and text resources for specific words or, if they wish, companies can also read the entire telephone call transcript from an employee’s phone call. If the program deems the allocation of particular funds for an expense unusual, it will inform the company of the corresponding potential abuse. Finally, these tools come with a reporting center that allow all incidents to come to the attention of information security personnel.

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These tools provide you with a massive amount of data on your employees’ activities within the local network within a specified time period. They study a very large amount of data and use it to detect patterns based on standard behavior, as well as the normal behavior for other employees. These programs then determine the likelihood and the impact level in the case that a risk actually becomes reality. An insider threat toolkit is essential in order for a company to feel truly secure. The human factor is too unpredictable and there are too many ways for unspecialized programs to be circumvented. All of these data are saved in a database, giving the company all the evidence it needs to prove its case should the situation come to court.

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