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Considering the significant amount of money most people have invested in their businesses, it is important that the full rewards of it can be reaped. The last thing a company needs is for a minor mishap or accident causing the it to become unable to operate or deliver paid products to its customers. That could cause great damage to the company’s reputation, even its survival. This ability of the company to operate without interruption is referred to as business continuity. To ensure that a software company’s business continuity is maintained, it can provide for cell phones in the event that the office phones go down, design a manual workaround for IT problems, and allow its employees to work from home in the case that the office cannot be entered. These backup plans do come in handy, as unexpected events do tend to happen all too often.

Business Risk Management Services

In order to account for such events beforehand, it is prudent to outline anything that may occur, complete a business continuity risk assessment, and decide the significance of the risk along with the appropriate possible adjustment. If a company needs email all the time, that is a business continuity assessment consideration. So too is a company’s needing a website to be operational at all times that processes lodging reservations. Given the possibility that a company may lose Internet at some point, it would be wise to move that website to a cloud server or a hosted system. Furthermore, as technology and the features of a business change, so too must the business continuity risk management solutions be changed to keep up with it.

Business Continuity Security & Risk Management

A quarter of all businesses eventually fall victim to fraud. The business continuity fraud is a real risk for any type of business, taking many different forms. No business is too small to be targeted. Continuity risk management software can serve as a useful tool in covering one’s bases using the accumulated experience of multiple companies.


Business Risk Assessment Matrix

After you answer a list of questions and fill the program with details as to the features of your company’s operation, it will build a business continuity risk assessment matrix to show you which issues deserve most of your attention. The risk matrix software will provide such tools as a current state assessment, a business impact analysis, a threat and risk assessment, business recovery plan development, recovery exercise simulations, and updating for your system.

Along with the business risk matrix, the software can also provide you with the cost of an outage in the case that an event does end up causing losses, both in financial terms and in intangible terms, such as regulatory or competition. The other matrix risk management solutions also include informing you of the order that issues should be dealt with in. Furthermore, companies will be able to see what activities may cause losses so that the company can optimize its resources while collaboration features offer tools between different parties that would be instrumental in ensuring a fast and effective recovery in the event an accident takes place.

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