Nine Countries in Half a Year: SearchInform is Expanding its Presence in Africa

This year, SearchInform has significantly expanded its presence in the information security solutions market on the African continent. The company is bullish on the region’s long-term dynamism and is committed to enhancing its capacity to help businesses and institutions protect their infrastructures from the wide range of information security risks.

Nowadays, more than ever, it’s crucial for organizations and enterprises to implement information security (IS) solutions to prevent data loss, corporate fraud, put everything in order in data storages and evaluate employees’ performance. SearchInform’s flagship solutions, next-gen DLP Risk Monitor and DCAP FileAuditor, empower clients to meet all these needs by implementing a three-tier security approach on the multilevel product platform.

SearchInform IS solutions are now available in the markets of Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, Cameroon, Gabon, and Guinea.

To make its solutions easily accessible to the local end-users, SearchInform has gained the support of 12 new partners in the region. Among them, the company’s distributors are Engisoft (Algeria), Agile Network (Tunisia), HAFS Afrique & Network (Ivory Coast); official resellers and partners – Data Era (Tunisia), SAHELY'S (Gabon), Soltic (Algeria), and “African cybersecurity market” (Guinee). 

At the same time, SearchInform continues to negotiate with a number of other regional IS companies to build partnerships and make its solutions even more accessible to consumers in Africa. 

Especially for this region, the company has created a software interface in French. SearchInform French-speaking customers can now comfortably use the software in their native language.

Cooperation & education

SearchInform is keen to reveal the benefits of their product through training, as this is the best way to prove the effectiveness of the solution. Thus, SearchInform experts organize regular workshops on how to use protective solutions appropriately for partners and IS specialists in West and Central Africa.

For example, in July, SearchInform in cooperation with Engisoft and SERVICE Soft held a seminar in Algiers on how to ensure comprehensive protection of businesses and enhance their operational efficiency. Besides that, two webinars in cooperation with Engisoft were conducted for IS specialists and potential clients in the region.

The vendor conducted recently online webinars and workshops on information security and internal threat mitigation in collaboration with HAFS in Abidjan and also took part in the HAFS partners' business meeting. According to the vendor, they were fortunate to meet about 20 potential end users during these events. 

In total, SearchInform held 106 online meetings in the region in the first six months of 2023.
Furthermore, SearchInform flagship solutions were presented at GITEX Africa 2023, the largest all-inclusive tech event in Morocco, which took place in May. 

Challenges & Future Development

Expanding its presence in the African market is a landmark event in the history of the company. 

To achieve its goals, the vendor is going to conduct even more trainings, such as webinars where end-users can become familiar with the product, learn how to use it efficiently and understand all its benefits and necessity of implementation. 

Basing on the results of work by SearchInform experts, it has become clear that the FileAuditor, the  DCAP class system by SearchInform is one of the most demanded by the potential customers in North, West, and Central Africa. At the same time, the market players are interested in the Risk Monitor, which is the DLP class solution. 

Three commercial customer projects are underway in Algeria. As the sales cycle of such comprehensive solutions as Risk Monitor and FileAuditor takes half a year, the company expects sales next year. 

"It is a great pride for SearchInform and me personally to expand our presence in the African market. To be in even more close contact with our customers, we have already translated the software interface into French, held presentations of our solutions, and are currently planning even more activities in the future, particularly in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, and Gabon. The market shows high interest in our solutions, since internal information security risks, corporate fraud, and the need to improve personnel efficiency are pressing problems for local companies", concluded Mohamed Salah Sayari, SearchInform’s international sales and business development manager in Africa

Next year, SearchInform is going to take part in Cyber Africa Forum 2024 in Abidjan, CTO Forum Algeria, GITEX Africa 2024. What’s more, the opening of the training center in Morocco is included in the vendor’s plans. As for the immediate future, in late November the company will take part in the events on information security related issues in Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco. Besides that, on November 29, the seminar in cooperation with Soltic will take place in Algiers.

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