Products News


Updated SearchInform Event Manager Released

The system was supplemented with new preset rules and capability to create custom rules for data processing.


SearchInform and Speech Technology Center Presents Solution to Secure Voice Data

The solution simplifies work of information security officers who previously had to monitor and analyse themselves suspicious audio files.


Results of Private Forum for SearchInform Clients; Products Innovations 2016

Protection of local resources, image categories search, speech recognition, exact file search by hash, search by video, and many more.


SearchInform Improves Pricing Policy of TimeInformer

Now, the work time control system is available by subscription.


New Features of SearchInform DLP: Search Server, DataCenter, ReportCenter, EndpointSniffer and AlertCenter Update

Extraction from RTF files, automatic licenses distribution, only work hours control and many others.


New Features of TimeInformer: Web-sites Classification and Work Schedule Control

The updated program is easier to operate and better considers peculiarities of a company.


New Features of SISP: EndpointSniffer, DataCenter and AlertCenter Update

Operation in the VDI infrastructure, load balancing, new system of licenses issue, improved search by regular expressions and changes in the quarantine operation