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SearchInform featured on

Alexei Parfentiev, leading analyst at SearchInform, is now on

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SearchInform has held a webinar for South Africa

SearchInform representatives in South Africa have conducted an online session concerning risk management

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SearchInform has presented the new concept of business protection against internal risks in Brazil

On 16-21 August SearchInform experts visited São Paulo and Joinville to conduct Money Loss Prevention: risk management comprehensive approach

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The first leg of Road Show MENA 2018: three seminars have been held 18-25 July

SearchInform conferences took place in the Middle East and North Africa region

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Beirut opened the first Road Show series in the Middle East and North Africa

IT experts, chief executives and business owners have met at the seminar on 18 July

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SearchInform Road Show to tackle internal security threats in 5 cities of the Middle East and North Africa

“Money Loss Prevention: futuristic security” seminars will be held from July to September in Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait and UAE.

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SearchInform conducted the first Road Show in South Africa

On 16 – 23 May, "Money Loss Prevention: futuristic security" conferences gathered companies’ executives and info security specialists in South Africa

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SearchInform Sums up the Road Show in Latin America

On 5 - 26 April, a series of Road Show SearchInform 2018

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Road Show 2018 goes to South Africa

Money Loss Prevention conferences will be held in Centurion and Cape Town - the first SearchInform event in the region will take place on 16 May

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Money Loss Prevention: the Conference on Information Security to be Held in Seven Countries of Latin America

On 5-26 April, SearchInform will conduct a series of conferences on protecting the business from digital threats and human-related incidents.

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SearchInform at Kuwait Expo 2018

The event took place at the International Exhibition Center from 6 to 10 February.

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SearchInform Presents Complex of InfoSec Solutions at INTERSEC 2018

In 2018, INTERSEC, the largest international trade fair on comprehensive security, was held for the 20th time.