I resolve to… leave those security errors for good in 2021


The resolutions for businesses to begin the New Year without old mistakes finally cleaning up the awareness mess which never seems to be untangled

Risk assessment Risk management Investigation

Business continuity and information security integration


How to make security part of a general risk prevention and mitigation program

Risk management Risk assessment Investigation

Major fraud cases in healthcare revealed this year


Pfizer discovers an insider working for a competitor, whereas Genentech hit the news with a deep-rooted story months ago.

Insider Risk management Fraud

What kind of DLP system do you need in 2022?


David Balaban reflects on the DLP vendors' race for attention, adding of new features, sometimes going beyond the boundaries.

DLP Investigation Human factor

The more they know the less they care


More and more people are unwilling to share their personal data with third parties

Messengers, social media, apps Personal data Third party

Facebook security upgrade decision leaked


The company decided to exempt a number of employees from groups which have access to internal message boards.

Messengers, social media, apps Risk management Third party

How to tell the difference between a phishing email and a real one?


Don't become a phisher’s target, it's avoidable.

Email Risk management Personal data

Multi-party breaches vs third-party related incidents


Ripple events are nearly untraceable and affect hundreds of companies

Third party Risk management Confidential documents

Data overexposed in manufacturing sector


The relevant statistics and most common security issues in 2021 so far

DCAP DLP Confidential documents

How to configure DLP and not to overlook a leak


How efficient are DLP systems with preset configurations? Can a system be configured once and for good? Learn how to adjust the settings here.

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Top 5 actions to be taken by CEO to increase cybersecurity


Top 5 actions to be taken by CEO to increase cybersecurity and employee trust in the company

Employee monitoring Risk assessment User behavior

Trello boards indexed by major search engines put at peril business processes of Russian companies


Almost a million Trello boards, thousands of which contain corporate data of large and small Russian companies, were publicly available.

User behavior Messengers, social media, apps Risk management

Not all DLP systems are equally helpful


How to choose a system and not to get disappointed

DLP Risk management Internal audit

Why FileAuditor? SearchInform customer gives an elaborate answer


SearchInform customer – scientific technological pharmaceutical company Polysan – has deployed FileAuditor, a DCAP system, and shared the first impression with the company.

DCAP DLP Internal audit

A "remote" reminder


Don't set it loose when it comes to data security

Remote employees DLP Risk management

Outsourcing the role of information security officer


A piece of insight into infosec as an MSSP solution

Risk assessment Internal audit Cloud

Order in your files and folders: how to organize access control and protection against leaks


Expansion of the IT infrastructure complicates controlling who accesses, copies, moves from folders, and deletes information. In case company's confidential files and folders are not organized, it's almost impossible to keep that data secure. The task is solved with specialized DCAP systems.

review DCAP

(In) Secure digest: the hit parade of the most comical infosecurity incidents


The most comical infosecurity incidents to laugh and learn from it. Enjoy, but tread carefully!

Investigation Fraud Human factor

Blocking that does not slow down business processes


Interview with Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform

Blocking Risk assessment Internal threat

Is the system really hidden on an endpoint? All about invisible DLP control and where its cloak of invisibility loses powers


The DLP doesn’t function in a hidden mode for nothing: on the one hand, it doesn’t interfere with the work of respectable employees, on the other hand, it helps to catch insiders off guard.

Employee monitoring Risk management DLP

Fraudsters won’t miss a chance — what threats to people and business remain in 2021


The “Roaring 20s” is no longer a euphemism from the last century, in the 21st the new decade also began loudly.

Employee monitoring Risk assessment Risk management

How to detect an employee accepting kickbacks using DLP?


Proven schemes for searching for corrupt individuals in the company.

Fraud Risk assessment Internal threat

How to surf the flow of information security events: use SIEM system correctly


Security Information and Event Management works on the principle of video surveillance. Cameras stand for connectors that collect data from hardware and software, whereas the object of the surveillance is an IT infrastructure featuring PCs, network devices, and servers. When configured properly, SIEM simplifies the monitoring of information security. How to organize the work, what to control first, and how to respond to incidents? - we will answer these questions using the example of SearchInfo

Risk management Internal threat Devices

(In)Secure digest: default passwords, sensitive info for free, and phisher salary.


Every month we collect "classic" and non-trivial incidents on Infosecurity across the world and in Russia in particular. Here is our first digest for 2021.

Employee monitoring Fraud Risk management

Insider check: could you be damage to your company?


The test will define you as a certain type of insider. Remember: any employee could become a culprit of a leak, however, circumstances are different. We don’t mean to pretend “scientific”, we intend to make this test entertaining and informative.

Insider Internal threat Risk management

Legal monitoring, smartphones control and your employee personal portrait


These and other ticklish issues regarding the launch of information security solution within your system.

DLP Employee monitoring Devices