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Major outage and government employee data breach

Ransomware keeps surfing the wave of ever-presence


Vestas got its personal data affected

The data has allegedly been shared with third parties.


French public transport company tackles a major data breach

RATP data has been exposed via an unprotected server.


The hacker turned out to be the former employee

Ubiquity has gone through a curious case


Panasonic is recovering from a 4-month exposure

The company detected the incident only after a discovery of an extreme network traffic.


More data sent to dark web

The sourse of the incident is still being explored.


Government employee helped violators to access data

Otario immunisation system has launched investigation and found an insider.


When your sellers obtain your data

Amazon program was misused by its sellers, and data was intended for rankings boosting. California Pizza Kitchen announces a data employee breach.


Robinhood employee tricked by social engineering

7 million users got their data affected in the breach announced by Robinhood.


Oregon state failed to ensure employees' privacy

And seemingly made it deliberately, at least according to the plaintiffs.


Throckmorton Country Memorial Hospital and Marten Transport face data breach

The recent news might be another case to add to the list of ransomware notches


Ransomware attacks keep companies on alert

The amount isn't disclosed as the hackers' groups haven't received the companies reaction yet


Acer offices in Taiwan hacked

This year the company has already faced a major incident as they were to pay a $50-million ransom.


Credit monitoring as most popular offset against data breach

Organisation still lack basic information security solutions.


Former employees took company's security issue to court

The company's staff is aware of what information security is, and disregard to data safety decreases the loyalty of workers.


When a hack might be not such a bad thing

…where the bad and the good are twisted.


Government sector faces human factor data breach issue

Australian public sector is concerned with the growing number of information leakage episodes due to employee mistakes.


Dallas schools compromised by a city IT employee

Whereas a disgruntled former employee's case was brought to the court.


Bangkok Air dashes the ransom offer aside

The popular airline has declined the gang's demand


Former employees and foolhardy ransomware attackers

Several information security incidents which have happened recently are all based on utter carefreeness


Data breach cost rises in South Africa, ransomware incidents grow in Australia

Ransomware-related data breaches rose by 24%, the cost of a breach - by 15%.


T-Mobile hacked for the 5th time

The unauthorized access was detected a few days after a number of customers got their data affected.


Russian officials obliged to use only domestic messengers

Ministry of Digital Development prepares a regulatory framework for transferring state employees to state-owned platforms by December 2021. 


Tokyo visitors' data affected

Olympics ticket holders and event volunteers' details have been compromised


Does an identity theft has an end or any terms?

Education workers of the Francophone Sud School District are dealing with identity theft.


Will or won't paying ransom be made illegal?

Another surge of ransom attacks makes the necessity to remind how slippery the way to deal with them is if you choose to pay.


DarkSide behind Guess breach

The famous fashion retailer Guess has officially announced a data breach comprising details of 1,300 people,


Air India is asked to recompense the breach

The affected customers might be given more than $400,000 for having their data impacted.


Call a hacker - he'll tell you about a breach

Don't have enough information about how the data breach occurred? Speak with the hacker who let it happen.


Treasurer’s office vs. mayor

Westfield clerk treasurer's office brought the case regarding the city's mayor act to court


Untimely breaches

...or why a law firm can't be trusted


JBS chose to pay ransom

JBS, the largest meat producer, paid a $11 million ransom, according to Andre Nogueira, chief executive of Brazilian JBS SA’s U.S. division


Euro 2020 fraudulent websites

It has been recently explored that since the beginning of the year there have been 130 new domains registered – all related to EURO 2020 (EURO 2021) tickets.


UK Special Forces soldiers aren't sure in their data safety

Over 1,000 UK Special Forces soldiers got their data exposed. The document containing their personal data was distributed via WhatsApp.


Microsoft is going to gather cyber security specialists in the APAC region

The APAC countries are concerned about growing information security risks


Targeting human vs. hacking software

85% of data breaches are the cause of targeting people, not software


Why is it important to control third-party security policies?

According to the recent report it seems that roughly half of companies don't know how to deal with third-party security


Microsoft threat and database security time bomb

Companies using Microsoft 365 might jeopardise their data safety and be more vulnerable than those who don't. 19 petabytes of data are exposed right now according to CyberNews.


Was there a breach?

Companies refuse to admit leakage accusing announcers of misleading its readers.


Shell goes through a data breach

Accellion service the company uses got destabilised by a hack


Clubhouse might be an issue

What are the chances of it turning into a Clubhole


Why is the Telegram bot allowing you change Caller ID dangerous?

Telegram bot and the growing number of scammers


COBM: once a leak always a leak

One of the most massive compilation leaks


iPhones which weren't meant for selling

An employee of a recycling company profiteered from selling Apple products


ABSA leak might still have impact

How is ABSA bank doing after an employee’s security policy violation?


Signal replaces WhatsApp?

The most popular messenger has recently announced an update which made users question its necessity


Ex-employee takes data to a new job

SoftBank former employee took data to another company, whereas a Canadian firm Aurora Cannabis informed its staffers about breached personal data on the last day of the year.

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