Data privacy incident in the healthcare sector

As a result of the data privacy incident, UT Speciality Dental Services (Aspire Surgical) patients were affected. As it was stated, the incident was revealed on December 7, 2022.

Still, not all the details of the case are clear. For instance, it still has not yet been declared, whether the data was only obtained by an unauthorized party or was exfiltrated as well. The particular date of the incident occurrence has not been specified. The number of patients affected has not been revealed as well.

However, there are some details about the types of data obtained known. The list includes: 

•    Name 
•    Patient account number
•    Date of service
•    Amount paid. 

However, the good news is that spire Surgical officials claimed that “There was no evidence that medical treatment records, social security numbers or financial information for patients were exposed”.

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