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Major data incidents and large penalty for data privacy violation

Learn more about a few recent major data related incidents.


Recent data privacy incidents

A data leak and massive phishing attack on social network users.


Leak and misuse of clients’ personal data

Details on a few incident related to violation of clients’ privacy.


The new portion of significant data incidents

Recently details on a number of tremendous data related incidents were exposed.


A new portion of fines for inadequate data protection

Details on a few cases when companies, which failed to implement adequate data protection were fined.


A bunch of data leak incidents has hit large enterprises

A few large companies and organizations has recenly experienced data related incidents.


Australian companies have experienced large data privacy incidents

Australian large company Latitude Financial, involved in the financial industry and IP firm IPH have experienced data privacy incidents.


Large troves of tech giants’ data leaked

Recently, ACER and Acronis companies’ have experienced massive data related incidents.


Large retailer employees’ data leaked

WHSmith, British retailer has experienced an incident, which led to employees’ personal data leak.


A famous video game publisher has recently experienced an alleged data related incident

An unidentified intruder has exposed Activision employees’ data. Overall, nearly 20.000 recordings were made publicly available.


AI media manipulation service has leaked large trove of users’ data

AI photo editor users’ data was leaked. Overall, 9 GB of generated pictures and other data was exposed.


Fizzy giant manufacturer experienced a data related incident

Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC data was illicitly obtained and extracted because of deployment of info stealer malware.


Data privacy incident in the healthcare sector

Details on a cybersecurity incident in the healthcare sector became publicly known recently.


An alleged massive data leak affected fashion retailer's customers

Clients' data was probably stolen in a data privacy incident


Email marketing service hacked

MailChimp mail service was hacked… again


Details on some data related incidents were disclosed recently

A brief overview of two December data-related incidents


Private Belgian bank experienced an insider incident

The serious data related incident happened with the Degroof Petercam.


Large fines are imposed on game developer for data related incidents

The Epic Games, developer of Fortnite videogame is fined $520 million.


Update on the Last Pass data related incident

The data leak, which happened in August turned out to be much more serious that it was believed initially.


Data on 5.6 million users exposed

Social Blade, the American social media analytics service has experienced a massive data related incident.


Uber experienced another data related incident

Uber experienced one more data related incident. However, no link between the September incident and this one has been established.


The “misalignment of databases” resulted into a massive data related incident

A large data related incident has recently affected Australian telecom giant Telstra clients.


A few personal data related incidents details have become known recently

A brief overview of a few data related incidents.


Recent data leak incidents

A brief overview of two recent data leak incidents.


Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation experienced a data breach

Due to insider's actions some personally identifiable information was exposed in a recent incident.


Illicit accidental client data sharing

Due to a technical issue, some users of the Royal Mail's "click and drop" service were able to obtain data on other users' orders.


Retail online marketplace clients' data leak

Recently, data on 2.2 million customers of Australian retail markeplace has leaked


Car manufacturer clients' data exposure incident

An inappropriate method of code storage has resulted into a data exposure incident


A large database with personal data has been leaked

A 6GB database, which allegedly contained personal information on 16 million users has been leaked.


Australian telecom breached

Australian telecommunications company breach turned out to be one of the biggest cyberattack in Australian history


Сryptocurrency insider incident and “the great data exfiltration”

An insider case in cryptocurrency sphere and "The great data exfiltration"


Microsoft credentials leak

Internal login credentials were accidentally uploaded to the company’s own infrastructure on GitHub.


Internet-marketing giant clients’ data leak

Klaviyo clients' data leak took place because of phishing attack


A real fortune was made on phone unlocking and unblocking

An American resident managed to earn $25 million by a phone unlocking and unblocking service.


Significant fines are imposed due to information security incidents

Recently, plenty of news on fines imposed due to information security incidents have been published. Let’s have a look at a few significant cases, which took place lately.


Confidential documents and personal data leaked due to an insider activities

Central Florida construction firm has recently experienced a data breach. An employee stole a massive of confidential data just before resignation.


The infamous data leak of Chinese citizens’ personal data

Details of one of the biggest data leak ever.


Sensitive Data Of Colorado Springs Utilities Clients Leaked

Colorado Springs Utilities notified their customers via email that sensitive data was obtained by an “unauthorized party”. The problem appeared to be on a subcontractor side. The name of the company remains unrevealed due to “security reasons”.


Razer data breach case: a claim against IT solution provider is filled

Due to a security misconfiguration by third-party IT-solution provider, Razer's client's data was at a stake of being exposed.


Demotivation for intruders: no more ransom payments

Recently the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) published a joint letter, addressed to the Law Society. The document contains a request for solicitors to stop advising clients to pay ransoms.


Exposure of 23 million users’ data

Due to the dangerous misconfiguration of a third-party database owner, personal data of 23 million users was exposed.


Insider incident affected nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace

This time, one of the largest nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace experienced an insider related data leak. OpenSea company’s email list, which includes email addresses of users and subscribers to newsletter, was illegally accessed and downloaded by an employee of, one of OpenSea’s email vendors. 


Avaya system administrator: illegal licenses generating and selling

Avaya system administrator was accused of fraud. It was stated that together with accomplices he sold software with additional options for IP-ATC. The overall sum of their financial operations exceeds $88 million.


Another personal data leak CafePress clients affected this time

CafePress got its consumers’ sensitive personal data, including Social Security numbers, exposed. The claim against Residual Pumpkin Entity, former owner of CafePress and PlanetArt, current owner of CafePress was filled by the Federal Trade Commission. The main issue of the claim is that the organization had failed to ensure safety of client’s personal data (including Social Security numbers), and covered up the data breach.


Another data leak in the healthcare sphere

Choice Health Insurance database leak, caused by human error took place recently.


Massive database exposed to public access

Another data leak has taken place recently. About 60 GB of data has been exposed to public access.


General Motors clients’ personal data was obtained by intruders

General Motors, one of the leading car manufacturer accepted the fact, that last month cybercriminals managed to conduct the credential stuffing attack.


Excessive data supplement

According to newest research, people are becoming more conscious in their work with data. Still, a lot of excessive data is transmitted.


Apple releases patches for 0-Days in MacOS and iOS

Dangerous zero-day vulnerabilities are eliminated by Apple.


The new post-quantum cryptography standards are to be announced soon

New era in post-quantum cryptography standards.


Major outage and government employee data breach

Ransomware keeps surfing the wave of ever-presence


Vestas got its personal data affected

The data has allegedly been shared with third parties.


French public transport company tackles a major data breach

RATP data has been exposed via an unprotected server.


The hacker turned out to be the former employee

Ubiquity has gone through a curious case


Panasonic is recovering from a 4-month exposure

The company detected the incident only after a discovery of an extreme network traffic.


More data sent to dark web

The sourse of the incident is still being explored.


Government employee helped violators to access data

Otario immunisation system has launched investigation and found an insider.


When your sellers obtain your data

Amazon program was misused by its sellers, and data was intended for rankings boosting. California Pizza Kitchen announces a data employee breach.


Robinhood employee tricked by social engineering

7 million users got their data affected in the breach announced by Robinhood.


Oregon state failed to ensure employees' privacy

And seemingly made it deliberately, at least according to the plaintiffs.


Throckmorton Country Memorial Hospital and Marten Transport face data breach

The recent news might be another case to add to the list of ransomware notches


Ransomware attacks keep companies on alert

The amount isn't disclosed as the hackers' groups haven't received the companies reaction yet


Acer offices in Taiwan hacked

This year the company has already faced a major incident as they were to pay a $50-million ransom.


Credit monitoring as most popular offset against data breach

Organisation still lack basic information security solutions.


Former employees took company's security issue to court

The company's staff is aware of what information security is, and disregard to data safety decreases the loyalty of workers.


When a hack might be not such a bad thing

…where the bad and the good are twisted.


Government sector faces human factor data breach issue

Australian public sector is concerned with the growing number of information leakage episodes due to employee mistakes.


Dallas schools compromised by a city IT employee

Whereas a disgruntled former employee's case was brought to the court.


Bangkok Air dashes the ransom offer aside

The popular airline has declined the gang's demand


Former employees and foolhardy ransomware attackers

Several information security incidents which have happened recently are all based on utter carefreeness


Data breach cost rises in South Africa, ransomware incidents grow in Australia

Ransomware-related data breaches rose by 24%, the cost of a breach - by 15%.


T-Mobile hacked for the 5th time

The unauthorized access was detected a few days after a number of customers got their data affected.


Russian officials obliged to use only domestic messengers

Ministry of Digital Development prepares a regulatory framework for transferring state employees to state-owned platforms by December 2021. 


Tokyo visitors' data affected

Olympics ticket holders and event volunteers' details have been compromised


Does an identity theft has an end or any terms?

Education workers of the Francophone Sud School District are dealing with identity theft.


Will or won't paying ransom be made illegal?

Another surge of ransom attacks makes the necessity to remind how slippery the way to deal with them is if you choose to pay.


DarkSide behind Guess breach

The famous fashion retailer Guess has officially announced a data breach comprising details of 1,300 people,


Air India is asked to recompense the breach

The affected customers might be given more than $400,000 for having their data impacted.


Call a hacker - he'll tell you about a breach

Don't have enough information about how the data breach occurred? Speak with the hacker who let it happen.


Treasurer’s office vs. mayor

Westfield clerk treasurer's office brought the case regarding the city's mayor act to court


Untimely breaches

...or why a law firm can't be trusted


JBS chose to pay ransom

JBS, the largest meat producer, paid a $11 million ransom, according to Andre Nogueira, chief executive of Brazilian JBS SA’s U.S. division


Euro 2020 fraudulent websites

It has been recently explored that since the beginning of the year there have been 130 new domains registered – all related to EURO 2020 (EURO 2021) tickets.


UK Special Forces soldiers aren't sure in their data safety

Over 1,000 UK Special Forces soldiers got their data exposed. The document containing their personal data was distributed via WhatsApp.


Microsoft is going to gather cyber security specialists in the APAC region

The APAC countries are concerned about growing information security risks


Targeting human vs. hacking software

85% of data breaches are the cause of targeting people, not software


Why is it important to control third-party security policies?

According to the recent report it seems that roughly half of companies don't know how to deal with third-party security


Microsoft threat and database security time bomb

Companies using Microsoft 365 might jeopardise their data safety and be more vulnerable than those who don't. 19 petabytes of data are exposed right now according to CyberNews.


Was there a breach?

Companies refuse to admit leakage accusing announcers of misleading its readers.


Shell goes through a data breach

Accellion service the company uses got destabilised by a hack


Clubhouse might be an issue

What are the chances of it turning into a Clubhole


Why is the Telegram bot allowing you change Caller ID dangerous?

Telegram bot and the growing number of scammers


COBM: once a leak always a leak

One of the most massive compilation leaks


iPhones which weren't meant for selling

An employee of a recycling company profiteered from selling Apple products


ABSA leak might still have impact

How is ABSA bank doing after an employee’s security policy violation?


Signal replaces WhatsApp?

The most popular messenger has recently announced an update which made users question its necessity


Ex-employee takes data to a new job

SoftBank former employee took data to another company, whereas a Canadian firm Aurora Cannabis informed its staffers about breached personal data on the last day of the year.


Ledger hardware wallet breach echoes with phishing

The investigation into the Ledger compromised security case was launched after the data breach which dates back to June 25, 2020.


An entire database stolen, Microsoft hacked

People’s Energy company faces an overwhelming data exposure, Microsoft becomes another company tricked by hackers via SolarWinds in case the investigation proves it.


Agencies urged to disconnect SolarWinds Orion the massive exploit has been recently reported.


Should companies pay ransom? Is there a way out when you’re deprived of confidential data?

One of the world’s biggest plane makers got its data leaked.


South Koreans data was leaked by Facebook

Facebook is penalized by South Korea’s regulatory authority for divulging user data.

10/11, Agoda, Expedia Group, customer data impacted

Another misconfigured Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket


U.S. city will pay the Office for Civil Rights $202,400

New Haven, Connecticut, didn’t deny access and left confidential health information available to a former employee.


A customer guessed a password

A customer guessed a WeWork shared user account password for employees


Aetna charged $1m for three data breaches under HIPAA

The HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) has exacted a $1 million penalty from Aetna, U.S. health care insurance company.


Awareness doesn’t prevent from human factor

Employees keep opening emails even though they look like a phishing attack


Law firm exposes Google staffers' data

Form I-9 files comprising personal data got breached.


British Airways has been charged £20 million

British Airways have been charged £20 million instead of paying £183 million – the initial fine imposed by the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Shifting to the cloud

Almost half of IT companies shifted to the cloud during the lockdown


620 Maltese citizens have filed a claim

The company is reported to have breached GDPR.


Tesla factory sabotaged by employee

The company became aware of the incident last month.


Mayo Clinic clients’ data was accessed by a former employee

A former employee has compromised more than 1600 patient records.


The biggest GDPR fine in Germany

H&M will be charged €35.3 million – penalty imposed by the Data Protection Authority of Hamburg.


No ransom paid - no data saved

Personal data of students and employees got leaked.


Insiders in Shopify and patients records leaked by an employee

4000 patients records appeared to be exposed over the past few years.


Student data breach at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences

BYOD might face some critics, as usage of personal devices led to a data breach.


93% IT leaders claimed outbound email led to data breach in the last year

538 senior specialists mitigating security risks took part in the survey.


Information security in small businesses demands owners' and execs' attention

Each third employee considers information security within a company an average or a massive issue.


Leaked on purpose

The Intel leakage was intentional, according to both Intel and ZDNet.


$3.86 million is an average expense when dealing with a data breach

500 organisations which experienced data breaches were studied during the survey.


Bribing an employee to compromise the company's security

A Nevada-based company's employee was bribed by a Russian fraudster to install a malware within the corporate network.


A 65% increase in phishing attacks

Agari reports results drawn from the company's recent survey covering the first half of 2020.


Enormous, but hidden Uber 2016 data breach goes public

The federal prosecutors of the US charged Uber’s former chief security officer, Joe Sullivan for his attempt to cover-up this massive breach.


ABC insider breach in major tech company in NY

Tyler C. King, a savvy man from Dallas, Texas was accused of computer fraud and aggravated identity theft.


Healthcare app, college students' data and other leaks

Patient details, telecom user data, low security level at a university - data breaches have already become frequent in the healthcare, telecom and education sectors.


The Twitter breach seems to be an insider job

Accounts were targeted on the 15th of July, and the investigation is ongoing.


Malaysian telco customer data breach

A syndicate was gaining profit from illegal charges for services provided to clients of different telecom companies who weren’t aware of making payment.


EU largest telecom affected in a ransomware attack

Bleeping computer detected and reported the breach


Dutch authority charges under GDPR

Dutch Data Protection Authority charges Dutch Credit Registration Bureau €830,000.


How to comply with the Bill effectively?

The Personal Data Protection Bill has been developed for three years already and requires attention to the issue of efficient compliance.


BMW and other car owners got their data breached

UK car owners got their data compromised. About half of a million car owners got their data exposed, the individuals including BMW, Hyundai, SEAT, Mercedes and Honda owners.


UniCredit is fined by Garante

The Italian Data Protection Authority, also known as “Garante” (Garante per la protezione dei dati personali) has imposed a fine on UniCredit institution.


A vulnerability in a WordPress plugin

Credit card "skimmerware" - can you tell if a virtual transaction is safe?


Massive email-targeted incidents only now being resolved

Ransomware scammers have enough time and dark web - enough space till launched investigations get carried out.


User data up for sale on the dark web

Pakistan and Indonesia got the data of patients and mobile users offered for a considerable sum


Tait Towers Manufacturing data compromised

The data breach has recently been announced by the gear provider


BEML sensitive data leaked

BEML, Indian defence contractor, couldn't protect internal documents from appearing on the dark web


Intricate fraud impacting Electrolux revealed

Electrolux, Solid Bridge got affected in BEC attacks.


7 million Indians got their data affected

BHIM (Bharat Interface Money), an Indian mobile payment app, put user personal data in jeopardy.


EasyJet to pay a major fine

Although the case is still being processed.


GDPR is brought to regulate personal matters

whereas a former contractor at Apple reveals Siri's ongoing wrongdoings


Security system provider faces lawsuits

Clients filed suits against the company's employees who allegedly spy on them via security cameras


Deloitte and IDES launch investigation

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance portal got briefly exposed after only one week of operating


Construction companies are dealing with cyber threats

The pandemic makes violators reactivate and invade the systems of companies helping healthcare during the lockdown


Digital Ocean platform data breach

Personal data breach was announced by the company


Aptoide user exposure, the new data leak in healthcare

Unauthorise access is a pressing problem for the healthcare industry which might only escalate amid the current situation.


NASA deals with the surge in phishing attacks

The pandemic topic keeps being exploited by the violators.


Most expensive GDPR cases yet to be settled

British Airways and Marriott keep being investigated by ICO under GDPR


Does GDPR have loopholes?

The Belgian Data Protection Authority published the litigation chamber’s decision showcasing the disputable situation


General Electric is dealing with a data breach

Canon Business Process Services which represents GE processes support had its email account comrpomised


Baidu has been mined for several months

By a senior engineer working at the Internet services giant


Virgin Media faces a leak

One of the most perfect companies has people to complain


Cathay Pacific gets fined

The Information Commissioner's Office makes the company pay £500 000 - the biggest possible Data Protection Act 1998 fine


Telecom companies will be dealing with substantial fines

T-Mobile and Verizon are among the telecommunications companies on the verge of a huge penalty


Global surveys emphasise the damage inflicted by insider leak

97% of IT specialists are sure that incidents due to an insider can have a big impact


Impressive numbers of government data breach

Government appears to be as likely to mishandle data as commercial and industrial organisations


Estée Lauder could have exposed 440 million records due to a database leak

Phishing and unprotected databases have become reasons for serious leakage this week


6.5 million voters' data compromised

6.5 million Israeli voters got their personal details leaked due to the lack of security measures.


Data Privacy Day

January 28 - Data Privacy Day


Microsoft Elasticsearch databases compromised

Details of 250 million customers were endangered due to poor configuration.


Mitsubishi Electric is dealing with a leakage case

Mitsubishi Electric reported the data breach which triggerred the company's attention in summer.


Data breach statistics according to infosec specialists

6 out of 10 businesses dealt with a data breach during the past three years


Addresses online, listening to calls, disgruntled employee

1000 New Year Honour recipients’ data exposed online, thousands of Skype calls listened to without security protection, a dismissed co-founder stole €1,1 million to revenge.


Amazon employees get dismissed

Amazon employees have been dismissed for leaking personal information of clients to a third party.


Former employee of a New York hospital exposes coworkers' and patients' data

A former employee of a hospital in New York City pled guilty to fraudulent activity.


Ring doorbells owners' data got breached

Ring tackles a personal data breach


Honda's second breach since August

Honda has got breached exposing a massive amount of personal data for the second time since August.


1 million users got their web activities exposed

890 GB of browsing records which could be easily attributed to individuals were compromised by a web filter software developer.


Healthcare in 2019

2019 medical data breach highlights


Broadlink fires an insider

Broadlink has recently dismissed an employee who pled guilty to device theft and data exposure.


Ericsson can pay up to $1 billion for bribing officials

Ericsson company is to pay a $1 billion fine admitting to bribing government authorities during 17 years.


Internet resources valued at $54,000,000 compromised due to an insider activity

The resources were stolen and put up for sale on the black market.


Nebraska Medicine fired the employee for unauthorised access

An employee at Nebraska Medicine was dismissed after the unauthorised access to patients’ data was discovered.


TrueDialog got its database with millions of accounts exposed

Account details and messages got compromised due to an unencrypted database


Gun buyback programme exposes tens of thousands New Zealanders

The costly programme compromised personal data of New Zealand citizens


Data of 1 million T-Mobile users leaked

The average cost of a data breach keeps growing


WeWork employees leaked clients' contracts the company launched a redundancy process


72% of retailers have dealt with data breaches

Some recent statistics on retail facing data breaches


Disney accounts hacked hours after service launch

Personal data was leaked during the first several hours of the service operating.


Maxed out server led to data breach discovery

From May 2014 to March 2016 InfoTrax Systems was affected by a violator more than 20 times.


Google fires an insider

An employee leaking data to the reporters has been dismissed.


Bulk email leaked data of 2,000 students

Human error keeps affecting organisations’ reputation.


Trend Micro employee leaks a corporate database

Trend Micro, a cyber-security solutions worldwide provider, has been breached


Vedantu compromised details of 687,000 users

Companies keep dealing with consequences of unprotected databases stored in the cloud


3 million UniCredit clients got their data leaked

The popular European bank contributed €2.4 billion to increase cybersecurity level


Adobe Creative Cloud users had their data breached

Unprotected database is detected and reported to Adobe


Autoclerk database breached data of US military employees

Misconfigured databases in the cloud keep being a relevant security issue.


Half of respondents are more cautious about personal data usage than a year ago

Ping Identity has provided markets with the new research


CenturyLink Inc. has its database breached

Databases in MongoDB cloud storages keep being breached


The new research shows human factor as the sharpest spike a business can be punctured with

Cyber Insecurity: Managing Threats From Within study surveyed 300 C-suit specialists


Defense Intelligence Agency's insider faces a prison sentence

The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency brings to justice their offender who leaked classified information to journalists.


92 million Brazilians’ data leaked

Almost half of Brazil population got their personal data breached to a few members-only forums on the dark web.


Standard DLP is inefficient against insider threats, according to the new research

Standard DLPs which primary concern of is limited by not letting employees send data outside the network aren't efficient


Ensure confidentiality while printing documents

According to the recent Shred-it study, negligence represents one of the key reasons for data breaches.


Former Yahoo employee breaches 6000 accounts

A former Yahoo employee was searching for the sexual content of users among who there were his friends and colleagues.


September highlighted 2019 breach list

Data breaches caused by the very companies which were affected hit the biggest numbers of leaked records


DoorDash food delivery service has data of 4.9 million people leaked

4.9 million customers, employees and the company’s independent contractors had their personal data compromised.


Half of employees admit that staffers retain access rights which they are no longer authorised to keep

52% of employees who were reassigned to other jobs still have access to the data which isn’t related to their new tasks.


Malindo Air customer databases leaked by a contractor

Reportedly 30 million Malindo Air passengers got their data compromised in a third-party leak.


Major data leak reveals sensitive details of Russian telecoms

The exposed information on telecoms used for surveillance became public by a Nokia employee.


All Ecuador citizens were affected by a recent data breach

More than 16 million people in Ecuador got their data exposed in an online leak


UNICEF compromised personal data of 8,253 users

UNICEF online learning portal Agora created an email and sent it to almost 20,000 portal users


One company, one year, 238 breaches

238 data breaches were registered during 2018-2019 at the Countess of Chester Hospital


Two booking services breached customer data

Option Way and Teletext Holidays exposed their clients' data


Former FBI director keeps bureau information at home

Former FBI director, James Comey, took confidential data home after he left the bureau.


A Ukrainian crypto miner is to pay for his activity

An employee sabotaged the plant's work


MoviePass cardholders' data was affected

The database with more than a hundred million records was exposed


Google and Apple halt employee processing audio recorded by voice assistants

Google and Apple suspend reviewing of audio recorded by voice assistants for recognition enhancement.


JIRA exposes corporate data of Google, Yahoo and NASA

NASA, Yahoo, Google, Zendesk, Informatica, 1password, Lenovo, and some government institutions got their data open to public


Capital One is to explain the leak to Congress

House and Senate committees are going to unfold a serious investigation procedure


Deutsche Bank former employee sent 450 emails from his account

An equity sales person still had the access to the corporate email after being dismissed


NAB faces two major data breaches in three years

National Australia Bank is to revise its information security mechanisms


Equifax will pay $700 million to cover the 2017 breach impact

The company has signed a settlement to manage all the lawsuits brought due to the data breach which occurred in 2017.


Google's contractor leaks confidential audio data

A language expert who was to enhance Google Assistant breached more than a thousand audio files


160,000 CVs leaked to Taobao by Zhaoping ex-employees

It took investigation specialists a year to bring the case to trial


Magnasoft Consulting ex-employees took confidential data with them

10 months ago the company was informed about the leak by a client, and only now the details get exposed.


A contractor of NSA is to face 9 years of sentence

The incident is said to outdo the case stirred up by Snowden


Top secret classified documents taken home by a contractor at the NASIC

An investigation of a marijuana case brought to the discovery of highly confidential files at the house of a contractor


Personal data of Hong Kong police officers has been leaked

Eight people have been arrested for exposing officers’ personal data online.


More than a terabyte of data has been exposed for an unknown period of time

Attunity, a data management company, has compromised loads of information stored in Amazon S3 buckets


Equifax employee sentenced to four months for inside trading

Equifax and UBS former employees are facing a sentence and a fine


McAfee's employees take trade secret to Tanium

McAfee brings a lawsuit against three former employees for leaking the confidential data to a competitor


Taiwan’s civil service system reports data of 240,000 civil servants compromised

The agency is to comply with Personal Information Protection Act and Cyber Security Management Act


645,000 Oregon residents had their personal data leaked

“Most client information involved in the breach was in email attachments,


An employee leaked data of 2.9 million Desjardins' members

Desjardins, the largest federation of credit unions in North America, has headlined data leak news


Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau Inc. files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The breach has made the company to begin liquidation process


Two breaches bring to company's shut down

LandMark White has been suspended twice and is looking for the reinstatement


PHI is the juiciest type of data according to the researchers

Personal Health Information (PHI) appears to be more profitable than other kinds of personal details


71% of the C-level are willing to cover up data leaks

whereas 61% of IT specialists claim they would hide the details of a data breach


HCL leaks confidential data, Instagram exposes the data of most popular users

India’s third-biggest IT services company leaks employees' data and project details, Instagram should check the security level of third-parties


Google's amplifying monitoring measures

Employees have been reminded about the changes to the data security policy they hadn't been informed before


Private health proves to be one of the most affected sectors

Australian report and phishing in Oregon


Uber might face a GDPR fine

Drivers demand that the charges are brought against Uber


A Chinese developer sent to prison for leaking the code to GitHub

A former DJI employee fined $29,000 and faces a 6-month sentence


130 million hotel clients got their data leaked

Huazhu Hotels Group has leaked data of their customers, Cathay Pacific are to avoid penalties


Five Republican senators got their data maliciously exposed

A former system administrator in the office of Senator Hassan exposed the personal details in response to his dismissal


The London Borough of Newham fined £145,000 for leaking Gangs Matrix

A Newham Council employee sent an email with unedited confidential data to 44 external organisations


Former employees get sued for leaking data to KPMG

Staff members of the accounting oversight body took the jobs at KPMG and brought the inspection information details with them


An employee leaks a file with patients' data

An employee at Chicago Rush Medical Center leaks clients' details to a third party


Dow Jones leaks the watchlist

"Special interest persons" and suspicious profiles got exposed by a third party


A former employee leaks data

Devices with 800,000 entries were seized by officials


Xinjiang residents got their movements tracked and exposed

A data leak identified by a Dutch expert revealed China tracking more than 2.5 million people in Xinjiang.


500px leaks data of 15 million users

Email help[@] and get your data sent to you within 72 hours


Eskom exposes customer data

Confidential details have been accessible for several weeks


State Bank of India fixes an unprotected server

Millions of 740,000,000 bank clients got their data exposed


HIV-positive statuses get leaked in Singapore

14,200 records were compromised. Experts from Asia, Europe, and North America discover the amount of money spent on old IT hardware


The biggest U.S. broker dealer exposes advisers' data unprotected Elasticsearch server got discovered, Twitter disregards its own privacy settings


Oman’s Public Prosecution raises data usage awareness

While Singapore Health Services pay 1 million Singapore dollars due to a major patient data leak


NASA leaks staff and project data

Jira server has been put at risk due to misconfiguration


German politics get their data leaked

The breach isn't regarded as a political crime though


FOX 9 requests for sending a notification to the data leak victims in Minnesota

Media discloses the breach which Wright County has been aware of for 7 months


Amazon keeps managing sellers' outrageous behavior

The company has taken measures to maintain an in-depth probe process and punish more offenders


Facebook incident details are still being discovered

Records were handed over to the head of UK Parliament Select Committee bypassing the US lawsuit


Negligence and unawareness are still ever-present

Johannesburg-Lewiston Area Schools and the Department of Transportation and Works are going to take risks seriously


Yahoo covers up a breach claimed major years before Facebook and Equifax leaks

Yahoo users will be paid for getting their data compromised, Internet Solutions announces a breach after warning their clients


Senators' data gets leaked on Wikipedia, Pentagon acknowledges security weaknesses

U.S. report two state-level leaks, Henderson ISD transfers more than half a million dollars to a fraudulent account


Google+ exposed about 500,000 user accounts

Personal data of Google+ users could have been accessed by third-party applications


50 million Facebook accounts got compromised, Conservative Party deals with a major data breach

Facebook and the Coservative Party are to conduct a rigorous investigation into the recent major breaches


Will Amazon pay a GDPR fine?

Bribery incidents were detected among Amazon staff members


Data of 250 000 people compromised in Wisconsin, citizens' social security numbers got attached to arrest warrants

Governments store sensitive information on public boards, healthcare details get misused


Happy birthday, Mr. President: Trump and the incidents

On 14 July, 2018, Donald Trump turned 72. The White House has never seen so many leaks.


Coca Cola ex employee exposed data of 8 000 colleagues

Law enforcement officers notified the company of the data leak. It is still unknown whether the purpose was to steal personal information


Another massive leak in South Africa

Pay fines online and get your data exposed


Insiders might get protected by European Commission

Those who inform authorities and journalists on corporate misrule will be encouraged to talk


Personal data of 346 000 China citizens as an art piece

A 32-year-old artist from Beijing, Deng Yufeng, wanted to create an installation which would make people think of their personal data and confidentiality.


Global Chemical Company Suffers Massive Data Leak

Chemours ex-employee stole trade secrets to China


Executives Are Not Prepared for GDPR Implementation

Only 27% of companies believe that the CISO and security team have to control the compliance of GDPR requirements.


SEC Turns to Data Analysis to Reveal $5M Insider Trading Scheme

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed charges against seven men who were involved in the trading on confidential information.


Dismissed IT Employee Stops Production of Cowboy Boots in Texas

He failed to cover up traces of the unauthorized access and admitted his guilt six months past the incident.


Employee of the US Federal Reserve System Uses Service Server to Earn Bitcoins

The court sentenced the violator to probation and fine.


Selfie as Source of Biometric Data Leakage

Japanese experts recognized fingerprints on the photo taken with a smartphone from a three-meter distance.


Dating Site Data Breach: “the Biggest Breach in the Human History”

Breached Adult Friend Finder database includes more than 412 million records about users. This is the most large-scale incident, at least since 2016 beginning.


Adobe to Pay Million Dollar Fine for Three-Year-Old Data Leak

The attack in 2013 threatened data of more than 500 thousand users. The authorities accused the company of improper protection of information.


Red Cross in Australia Carelessly Let Happen Country's Largest Data Breach

The leaked database contains information about 550 thousand users who filled out the questionnaire on the organization web-site from 2010 to 2016.


Only 27% US Companies Are Confident of Their Ability to Minimise Losses Because of Data Leakage

More US companies are preparing a data breach response plan but management often doubt its efficiency.


Leakages Increase by 15% Globally in the First Half of 2016

According to the Breach Level Index database, in six months 974 leakages occurred worldwide. In 29 of them, over one million data records were leaked.

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