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HCL leaks confidential data, Instagram exposes the data of most popular users

India’s third-biggest IT services company leaks employees' data and project details, Instagram should check the security level of third-parties


Google's amplifying monitoring measures

Employees have been reminded about the changes to the data security policy they hadn't been informed before


Private health proves to be one of the most affected sectors

Australian report and phishing in Oregon


Uber might face a GDPR fine

Drivers demand that the charges are brought against Uber


A Chinese developer sent to prison for leaking the code to GitHub

A former DJI employee fined $29,000 and faces a 6-month sentence


130 million hotel clients got their data leaked

Huazhu Hotels Group has leaked data of their customers, Cathay Pacific are to avoid penalties


Five Republican senators got their data maliciously exposed

A former system administrator in the office of Senator Hassan exposed the personal details in response to his dismissal


The London Borough of Newham fined £145,000 for leaking Gangs Matrix

A Newham Council employee sent an email with unedited confidential data to 44 external organisations


Former employees get sued for leaking data to KPMG

Staff members of the accounting oversight body took the jobs at KPMG and brought the inspection information details with them


An employee leaks a file with patients' data

An employee at Chicago Rush Medical Center leaks clients' details to a third party


Dow Jones leaks the watchlist

"Special interest persons" and suspicious profiles got exposed by a third party


A former employee leaks data

Devices with 800,000 entries were seized by officials


Xinjiang residents got their movements tracked and exposed

A data leak identified by a Dutch expert revealed China tracking more than 2.5 million people in Xinjiang.


500px leaks data of 15 million users

Email help[@] and get your data sent to you within 72 hours


Eskom exposes customer data

Confidential details have been accessible for several weeks


State Bank of India fixes an unprotected server

Millions of 740,000,000 bank clients got their data exposed


HIV-positive statuses get leaked in Singapore

14,200 records were compromised. Experts from Asia, Europe, and North America discover the amount of money spent on old IT hardware


The biggest U.S. broker dealer exposes advisers' data unprotected Elasticsearch server got discovered, Twitter disregards its own privacy settings


Oman’s Public Prosecution raises data usage awareness

While Singapore Health Services pay 1 million Singapore dollars due to a major patient data leak


NASA leaks staff and project data

Jira server has been put at risk due to misconfiguration


German politics get their data leaked

The breach isn't regarded as a political crime though


FOX 9 requests for sending a notification to the data leak victims in Minnesota

Media discloses the breach which Wright County has been aware of for 7 months


Amazon keeps managing sellers' outrageous behavior

The company has taken measures to maintain an in-depth probe process and punish more offenders


Facebook incident details are still being discovered

Records were handed over to the head of UK Parliament Select Committee bypassing the US lawsuit


Negligence and unawareness are still ever-present

Johannesburg-Lewiston Area Schools and the Department of Transportation and Works are going to take risks seriously


Yahoo covers up a breach claimed major years before Facebook and Equifax leaks

Yahoo users will be paid for getting their data compromised, Internet Solutions announces a breach after warning their clients


Senators' data gets leaked on Wikipedia, Pentagon acknowledges security weaknesses

U.S. report two state-level leaks, Henderson ISD transfers more than half a million dollars to a fraudulent account


Google+ exposed about 500,000 user accounts

Personal data of Google+ users could have been accessed by third-party applications


50 million Facebook accounts got compromised, Conservative Party deals with a major data breach

Facebook and the Coservative Party are to conduct a rigorous investigation into the recent major breaches


Will Amazon pay a GDPR fine?

Bribery incidents were detected among Amazon staff members


Data of 250 000 people compromised in Wisconsin, citizens' social security numbers got attached to arrest warrants

Governments store sensitive information on public boards, healthcare details get misused


Happy birthday, Mr. President: Trump and the incidents

On 14 July, 2018, Donald Trump turned 72. The White House has never seen so many leaks.


Coca Cola ex employee exposed data of 8 000 colleagues

Law enforcement officers notified the company of the data leak. It is still unknown whether the purpose was to steal personal information


Another massive leak in South Africa

Pay fines online and get your data exposed


Insiders might get protected by European Commission

Those who inform authorities and journalists on corporate misrule will be encouraged to talk


Personal data of 346 000 China citizens as an art piece

A 32-year-old artist from Beijing, Deng Yufeng, wanted to create an installation which would make people think of their personal data and confidentiality.


Global Chemical Company Suffers Massive Data Leak

Chemours ex-employee stole trade secrets to China


Executives Are Not Prepared for GDPR Implementation

Only 27% of companies believe that the CISO and security team have to control the compliance of GDPR requirements.


SEC Turns to Data Analysis to Reveal $5M Insider Trading Scheme

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed charges against seven men who were involved in the trading on confidential information.


Dismissed IT Employee Stops Production of Cowboy Boots in Texas

He failed to cover up traces of the unauthorized access and admitted his guilt six months past the incident.


Employee of the US Federal Reserve System Uses Service Server to Earn Bitcoins

The court sentenced the violator to probation and fine.


Selfie as Source of Biometric Data Leakage

Japanese experts recognized fingerprints on the photo taken with a smartphone from a three-meter distance.


Dating Site Data Breach: “the Biggest Breach in the Human History”

Breached Adult Friend Finder database includes more than 412 million records about users. This is the most large-scale incident, at least since 2016 beginning.


Adobe to Pay Million Dollar Fine for Three-Year-Old Data Leak

The attack in 2013 threatened data of more than 500 thousand users. The authorities accused the company of improper protection of information.


Red Cross in Australia Carelessly Let Happen Country's Largest Data Breach

The leaked database contains information about 550 thousand users who filled out the questionnaire on the organization web-site from 2010 to 2016.


Only 27% US Companies Are Confident of Their Ability to Minimise Losses Because of Data Leakage

More US companies are preparing a data breach response plan but management often doubt its efficiency.


Leakages Increase by 15% Globally in the First Half of 2016

According to the Breach Level Index database, in six months 974 leakages occurred worldwide. In 29 of them, over one million data records were leaked.