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Use case: eDiscovery

Electronically stored information (ESI) abounds in the systems of every company. Proper information governance facilitates data search and analysis required for internal investigation, proving compliance, in legal proceedings used as evidence.

The special software comprising eDiscovery software features for identification of relevant ESI needed during litigation or for configuration of internal policies. The automated toolset simplifies the work for the legal team, data protection officers (DPO), privilege users (administers) when finding relevant documents and data, making sure that confidential information is stored conforming to internal and general regulations, that data isn’t misused or collected exceeding the permitted amount.

Data stored in sensitive documents can be helpful in litigation management if it is sourced fast and easy. The file system audit can be automated to perfection and classify confidential relevant documents by their content. Know where to look for your data to ensure precise and selective ESI extraction, gain an ultimate visibility of your storage space and see where your data resides as sensitive details can be scattered within different in-house and cloud locations, including SharePoint and SQL Server. The software classifies files putting tags on them automatically and identifies them when they are requested during investigations.

Be prepared for the legal hold. Make sure that the data which can be requested for conducting an investigation process is properly arranged, is based on relevant facts, complies with all the regulatory updates, stored in secured folders and are safeguarded from unauthorized operations thanks to smooth access management. Early case assessment will benefit from the toolset facilitating the very process – as some case is to be resolved, before the trial starts, the data must be collected to evaluate the reason for legal investigation, facts or proof of impact severity, documents referring to the issue of a dispute, analysis of risks, etc. A company should be capable of preparing quickly to a litigation, show a high level of competence in data analysis and performing of eDiscovery tasks.

Tweaking and calibrating configurations can set you free from lawyers’ assistance with examining your documents and deciding on which files are pertinent and which data is inordinate and unwarrantable. The software turns a company fully equipped with data and protected from lacking any key information.

Discover stale data and keep information up-to-date. Guarantee that corporate policies regulate data management, and old documents, correspondence become archived automatically, so that only appropriate and correct versions are sourced when requested urgently. As retrospective investigation is a strong feature of SearchInform’s internal threat platform, and FileAuditor provides your system with critical documents archiving, including saving the history of file revisions and ensuring document recovery, smart data management can be configured quick.

Security policies should encompass all the operations on sensitive data whether it is relocated, altered, removed or copied. ESI is crucial during legal investigation procedures and proper governance based on the intel introduced into the automated solution can strengthen the control over relevant documents which can be needed as evidence in a legal case or disclosed for data owners who requested their personal data. eDiscovery software comprises the engine allowing you receive fast response to policy violation or to document-related suspicious events: unauthorized access, deletion, download, modification.

Tweak security policies strengthening data classification means in order to build serious controls for data subject to data protection regulations.

Information governance. Keep data visible for approved or commissioned staff so that human error decreases down to a minimum when it comes to fast search for requested information. Rule out data digging and risks related to unsanctioned corporate assets exploration, ensure impeccable access management and framework for tuned and organized procedures such as sourcing correct documents promptly without creating a storage mess.

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