Pioneer Group has chosen SearchInform to protect corporate data

Pioneer Group – one of the largest construction developers of Moscow – has chosen a new data protection solution. The company began to deploy SearchInform DLP in May, today the DLP system protects over half of corporate PCs and laptops, whereas the deployment process continues. The main task of the system is to prevent data leak, first of all – trade secret and sensitive data, as well as to monitor cooperation with third parties, contractors, whether they conform to the regulations. Pioneer Group pays attention to control of data sharing among colleagues, cloud service usage, sending information via email.

The company’s representatives emphasised that the system has already proven to be a reliable instrument for proactive control and security incident discovery. Thus, SearchInform DLP helped identify employees who disseminated information impacting negatively the company’s reputation, as well as draw the top management’s attention to transfer of confidential files via messengers.

“We have already had an experience with the DLP system from another vendor, that’s why we can compare: SearchInform DLP approaches data in a different way. The interface of the system is intuitive, it’s doesn’t take much time to create and look at the report featuring the results in accordance with the chosen parameters. It’s very easy to present the requested information to the management in this format – simple and vivid. The export and import of configurations are well-thought-out in the solution, but even those security policies which require manual tweaking are easy to sort out how to manage. The integration possibilities of the solution are quite sufficient. It allows to unload the information security department and making the processes more transparent”, says Artem Lobanov, CISO at Pioneer Group. 

“We develop the whole toolset – for comprehensive protection a business needs to see everything what happens in a company, thus, has to control as many processes as possible. Today we have 6 solutions which ensure monitoring at every level, from IT infrastructure in general to its particular elements – databases, file storages, communication channels. All of them can be smoothly integrated to amplify each other's features. That’s what our customers asked us to do: listening to the opinion of those who want to share their experience working with the solution makes difference, and we value a lot communication with our clients and always stay in contact with them”, - comments Leonid Churikov, the leading analyst at SearchInform.

Such an approach brings the results: Pioneer Group has noted the high quality of the vendor’s technical support at every stage of deployment.

“Technical support provided by SearchInform is worth mentioning. I believe businesses care a lot about a vendor’s participation during the product launch. Specialists know the system very well and can guide you through the most relevant and optimal ways to solve a problem during deployment as well as during the actual implementation of the system, they are confident and answer questions promptly. Besides the technical support, the company conducts training courses for a customer’s specialists, which is another significant advantage when you begin to deploy the system”, emphasized Artem Lobanov.

Pioneer Group continues deploying data protection software. The company plans to enlarge the perimeter under monitoring and cover all the employees inside the office and working remotely, to boost the power of monitoring by launching more new information security instruments, SearchInform FileAuditor in particular – the DCAP solution for controlling data storage and user operations with files.

For the reference:

Pioneer Group is the construction developer founded in 2001. The key activity of the company is the implementation of projects in the field of residential and commercial real estate in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Pioneer Group was ranked 12th among the largest developers in Russia in terms of real estate commissioning in 2020, having commissioned more than 550 thousand square meters of residential and commercial properties in both capitals.

At the moment, the company's portfolio of projects includes 3.7 million square meters, of which 2.31 million square meters were implemented, objects under construction - 469 thousand square meters, at the stage of designing - 992 thousand square meters.

Pioneer Group successfully implements residential projects under the LIFE brand, which include comfort and business class areas. At the end of 2018, the group decided to diversify its business and increase its presence in the commercial real estate market. In 2020, the revenue from the sale of commercial real estate amounted to 3.8 billion rubles or 8.2% of the company's total revenue for the reporting period. In 2021, Pioneer Group entered the premium residential segment with the HIGH LIFE brand. Another direction of the Pioneer Group is the development of the YE’S chain of apart-hotels - an investment product in the real estate market.


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