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Private Belgian bank experienced an insider incident

The serious data related incident happened with the Degroof Petercam.


Large fines are imposed on game developer for data related incidents

The Epic Games, developer of Fortnite videogame is fined $520 million.


Update on the Last Pass data related incident

The data leak, which happened in August turned out to be much more serious that it was believed initially.


Data on 5.6 million users exposed

Social Blade, the American social media analytics service has experienced a massive data related incident.


Uber experienced another data related incident

Uber experienced one more data related incident. However, no link between the September incident and this one has been established.


The “misalignment of databases” resulted into a massive data related incident

A large data related incident has recently affected Australian telecom giant Telstra clients.


A few personal data related incidents details have become known recently

A brief overview of a few data related incidents.


Recent data leak incidents

A brief overview of two recent data leak incidents.


Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation experienced a data breach

Due to insider's actions some personally identifiable information was exposed in a recent incident.


Retail online marketplace clients' data leak

Recently, data on 2.2 million customers of Australian retail markeplace has leaked


Car manufacturer clients' data exposure incident

An inappropriate method of code storage has resulted into a data exposure incident


A large database with personal data has been leaked

A 6GB database, which allegedly contained personal information on 16 million users has been leaked.


Australian telecom breached

Australian telecommunications company breach turned out to be one of the biggest cyberattack in Australian history


Сryptocurrency insider incident and “the great data exfiltration”

An insider case in cryptocurrency sphere and "The great data exfiltration"


Microsoft credentials leak

Internal login credentials were accidentally uploaded to the company’s own infrastructure on GitHub.


Internet-marketing giant clients’ data leak

Klaviyo clients' data leak took place because of phishing attack


A real fortune was made on phone unlocking and unblocking

An American resident managed to earn $25 million by a phone unlocking and unblocking service.


Significant fines are imposed due to information security incidents

Recently, plenty of news on fines imposed due to information security incidents have been published. Let’s have a look at a few significant cases, which took place lately.


Confidential documents and personal data leaked due to an insider activities

Central Florida construction firm has recently experienced a data breach. An employee stole a massive of confidential data just before resignation.


The infamous data leak of Chinese citizens’ personal data

Details of one of the biggest data leak ever.


Sensitive Data Of Colorado Springs Utilities Clients Leaked

Colorado Springs Utilities notified their customers via email that sensitive data was obtained by an “unauthorized party”. The problem appeared to be on a subcontractor side. The name of the company remains unrevealed due to “security reasons”.


Razer data breach case: a claim against IT solution provider is filled

Due to a security misconfiguration by third-party IT-solution provider, Razer's client's data was at a stake of being exposed.


Demotivation for intruders: no more ransom payments

Recently the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) published a joint letter, addressed to the Law Society. The document contains a request for solicitors to stop advising clients to pay ransoms.


Exposure of 23 million users’ data

Due to the dangerous misconfiguration of a third-party database owner, personal data of 23 million users was exposed.


Insider incident affected nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace

This time, one of the largest nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace experienced an insider related data leak. OpenSea company’s email list, which includes email addresses of users and subscribers to newsletter, was illegally accessed and downloaded by an employee of, one of OpenSea’s email vendors. 


Avaya system administrator: illegal licenses generating and selling

Avaya system administrator was accused of fraud. It was stated that together with accomplices he sold software with additional options for IP-ATC. The overall sum of their financial operations exceeds $88 million.


Another personal data leak CafePress clients affected this time

CafePress got its consumers’ sensitive personal data, including Social Security numbers, exposed. The claim against Residual Pumpkin Entity, former owner of CafePress and PlanetArt, current owner of CafePress was filled by the Federal Trade Commission. The main issue of the claim is that the organization had failed to ensure safety of client’s personal data (including Social Security numbers), and covered up the data breach.


Another data leak in the healthcare sphere

Choice Health Insurance database leak, caused by human error took place recently.


Massive database exposed to public access

Another data leak has taken place recently. About 60 GB of data has been exposed to public access.


General Motors clients’ personal data was obtained by intruders

General Motors, one of the leading car manufacturer accepted the fact, that last month cybercriminals managed to conduct the credential stuffing attack.


Excessive data supplement

According to newest research, people are becoming more conscious in their work with data. Still, a lot of excessive data is transmitted.


Apple releases patches for 0-Days in MacOS and iOS

Dangerous zero-day vulnerabilities are eliminated by Apple.


The new post-quantum cryptography standards are to be announced soon

New era in post-quantum cryptography standards.

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