New features of SearchInform DLP

SearchInform Endpoint
SearchInform Endpoint has two new modules. The CameraController module is designed to take photos and record videos of user activity with a built-in or connected webcam, thus detecting all the events in camera view. The new CameraController module not only creates images, but also allows you to choose the format and quality of pictures, shoot on schedule, monitor user behavior in real time in LiveCam mode.

On top of the existing protocols in IMController, we added the function of interception and analysis of voice and text content as well as files sent via the desktop version of Telegram.   

The updated MicrophoneController starts recording right after a PC is switched on, even without an authorization of a user in the system. A switched-on PC becomes a passive source of recording. The list of third-party DLPs, time tracking systems, keyloggers and other monitoring software has been expanded, which helps the Information Security Dept to detect other spying services, even if they run undetected by the administrator. Now the IS specialists can block the use of Print Screen key, thus limiting the possibility of taking screenshots.

The feature of displaying comments in reports on PCs (the System reports group) is implemented.


We added new search attributes in MailController:

  • Internal mail – no incidents are formed by the letters, recipients and senders of which contain only internal addresses.

  • Sender's email in the list of recipients – incidents are formed by the letters with the sender's e-mail address specified in the recipients.

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